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Yet Another Roxy Expose Post

This is Yet Another Roxy Expose Post (this is trademarked). Roxy has been exposed many times, and now it’s time to expose her again.

Before ACP loses the war and fails to take Hot Chocolate, I just wanted to expose one of their HCOMs, Roxy. As we already know, Roxy cheats on her wife, is very short, and likes feet. Did you also know that she loves Romanian accents?

How despicable. We gave Romania a chance and they betrayed us with their pastarnac. How could Roxy believe that their accents are hot? Romanians can’t even spell words without me wanting to declare war on Romania. Roxy is clearly colluding with the Romanians to weaken the motherland.

Although Roxy has already been exposed for her short height, she must be exposed again.

5’7 is the same height as a toddler. Furthermore, she currently claims to be 6’9, which contradicts her earlier statement. Which one is it Roxy? It turns out that Roxy is not only short, she is also a liar, needing to lie about her height. This is why she must be exposed.

As a bonus, I have decided to expose Foxyplayz as well. He has “playz” in his name, but what is he really playing?


He is playing with kids. More specifically, he is hurting kids. Punching them, pushing them down stairs, and giving them black eyes. Just like Roxy, he also deserves to be exposed for this.

So thank you, dear reader of our glorious, gracious, motherland, for listening to my 526th expose post. Stay tasty 🙂


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