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My (Not Stolen) Pets

Over the years, I have acquired a wide variety of pets. These include dogs, cats, and cats that look like sheep. I am an expert pet owner. Here are all of my lovely (not stolen) pets.

This is my dog, Reese. Reese is a very good boy. He loves sleeping under blankets and licking people. He even comes with potty training, so there’s not much mess to clean up. Just keep him away from Choco. Chocolate and licks do not go well together. Unless you want to uh oh Choco. In that case, Reese would be perfect.

Here is one of my cats, Shadow. Shadow likes to hide in dark places where you can’t see him. This is very useful when hunting mice. I always find at least 3-5 victims a day. If only he could hunt humans as well. That would make hunting visitors so much easier.

This is my second cat, Petunia. Petunia loves Choco and Choco loves Petunia. I wish Petunia would love me more, but I guess Choco just has that rizz energy that cats (not counting Shadow) like. Despite his rizz, I know that Choco would punch Petunia the second no one is watching. Choco is just violent like that.

This is my last pet. A dog that looks like a sheep. I named her Isabella or Bella for short. She is actually descended from the sheep gods, which is why she looks like a sheep. She even goes “baaa”, and her fur is somehow even softer than wool. I love Bella, my little sheepdog.


I hope you like my pets. I loved them very much. If anyone accuses me of stealing them, just know that they are lying. I would never steal anyone’s pets. All of the animals you see here are 100% my pets fr fr no cap.



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