Get To Know Your Staff: Lady Wynnifred Ashgrow of Pikke

Welcome back to the series Get To Know Your Staff, traveler. This series focuses on taking a look at our hard working staff team and providing readers a glimpse into their lives. In the previous post we met with Vixxy, who still holds the title of the newest staff member. Let us move ahead, shall we?

Authors Note: Make sure to read the whole post, there’s a surprise hidden in it ๐Ÿ˜‰

In today’s feature, we will be taking a look at a veteran member of the Club Penguin Armies community. Help Force has always been in his sights, but he only joined it in May 2021 after successfully solo-leading a war for his previous army. He is one of the best recruiters around, and an excellent graphic designer and writer too! Presenting to you, an interview with Scorpion Demon!

Scorp: Welcome to the interview, Scorp!ย 

Scorp: Thank you! I’m glad to finally be here!

Scorp: Haha yeah, so why did you decide to join the Help Force?

Scorp: It’s a long story, so –

Ayan: What the hell do you think you’re doing?

Scorp: I’m interviewing-

Ayan: You cannot interview yourself smh :wary:

Scorp: But I-

Elp: No buts! I, Elp, the greatest, hereby sentence Scorpion Demon to never get interviewed! Now go kidnap some other staff member and interrogate them. Wait no I meant-

I scouted the staff building, but wherever I went the staff members seemed to have disappeared. They weren’t even caught in one of the food traps that I had set up. I think they’re starting to suspect that those random bits of food lying around aren’t actually random. I decided to check the graphic designers room. There’s always someone or the other spending long, painful hours sketching and coloring graphics in that room, often under orders from the commanders. To my surprise, I saw Wynn sitting there. She was designing posters for the Staff On Strike movement.

Wynn, also known as Lady Wynnifred Ashgrow of Pikke, is a Second In Command of the Help Force. She more than lives up to her title! Her efforts in the betterment of our glorious gracious motherland range across all the time zones and several divisions. From recruiting, to event planning and leading, Wynn can do it all. She is an invaluable member of HF, a pillar without whom the army would not be the same. Currently, she serves as Nell’s secretary. She also placed first on the Help Force 13. The HF13 is a list of people who are inducted into the list on the basis of their work.

But what you might not know about her is that Wynn is infamous for her spectacularly weird dreams. At one point, the website managers were even planning to force her to write a series titled “WTF Wynn”. In this series she would elaborate on some of her dreams! It wasn’t actually put into action though. Other than that, you can always find Wynn in vc with the Indian staff. She tries to learn common Hindi but she already knows how to swear like a native speaker.

So yeah, you can imagine my surprise when I saw a higher class person like Wynn working in the slave zones of the design department. She was so engrossed in her work that she did not even notice me approaching her. By the time she realized what was happening, the lights had gone out, a spotlight was aimed at her face, and the interview had begun.

Scorp: Welcome to the interview, Wynn!ย 

Wynn: Like I was given a choice…

Scorp: Heh, no. As usual, we shall begin at the very beginning – when did you join the force, and how?

Hmm, it was in March ’20. I had no idea that armies exist although i recon meeting them before. One day i came over HF training, i didn’t understand what is happening but i was spectating for quite some time. The next day i accidentally met HF at St Patrick event, i joined the takeover and later somebody told me to google us and here I am ๐Ÿ™‚

The good old days… when you could still tell people who admired your cause to google you.. You’ve certainly been in this community a long time, Wynn, and gained a lot of experience and laurels in the time you spent here as well. People always say that armies are a waste of time, there is nothing you can gain from this community. Do you think that is true? If not, then what things do you think we stand to gain from armies, or more specifically, HF?

I don’t agree with that point of view – thanks to being here I obviously improved my English and managed to use it comfortably but that’s not all. The people I met, what I learned about other cultures, new skills I gained, things I learned about myself… It certainly wasn’t a waste of time.

Scorp: That moment when the question is bigger than the answer…

That sounds great indeed, we all do learn many things from whatever we do in life. What is your favorite memory of being in HF?

Oh gosh, I’m thinking but it’s impossible to choose one from dozens of them… But if I treat it as a question not about HF people but more about the army itself, the Silver Rush war would be among my favourite memories. This and also beating DCP in LCX. Don’t make me start about all the funny memories from the chats because there are too many of them :Awe:

Could you recount a few of them? I’m sure the readers love funny stories

First thing that just came to my mind are the “against bullies” takeover, not sure how many people remember that anymore… It was a year ago but that’s how !jc command was created. To Bullies:๐Ÿ–๏ธ Hold your hand out and say STOP IT ๐Ÿ–๏ธ. We would spam that line for at least a week straight, along with a pic advising kids how to handle bullying. It would be hard tho to bring up here all the inside jokes :hehe: It’s not something you can explain without the context of that moment

Do you remember the day you got staff rank? How did you feel on that day?

I remember better the day I got General in Training – I had over 60 pings and DMs after it was announced. But the best thing was when I was promoted to High Command (an equivalent of Junior Staff but focussing only on hosting). I got it along with Snowflake and before us there were only two or three people who had it so it felt really prestigious! :hehe: Getting Hcom was something i didn’t expect to happen, i remember I was so scared when I noticed a ping from Tistle in the main chat!

You recently received the HF13 award, and I personally agree on that, you’ve been working across timezones and your own responsibilities to ensure HF runs smoothly. What was your reaction on knowing you’d won it? And did you expect to win?

I was surprised I finished that high, there are so many wonderful people who work hard! I’m honestly very touched and I also want to congratulate all the winnsers and the nominees :catluv:

What is your goal as the Second In Command of the Help Force? You are one of the three most likely successors should a Commander ever retire.. so what would be your goal for the army?

If that ever happens I would make sure that Help Force is the force to be reckoned with and that our troops can kick ass of any enemy we have. I want us to maintain the confidence that HF is able to reach every goal we set for it, be it repeatedly finishing first on Top Tens, tournament performance and whatever we consider important on our way. That’s not all tho, as a person who belongs to the House of Balance of hype squad, I would say that good management of the community and it’s health are extremely important as well. Apart from kicking asses, I also want to support the Force Arcadium and make sure that everything is well connected and flourishing.

Where does the Pikke in your name come from? Are you a Pikachu fan?ย 

Pikkewynn means penguin in Afrikaans, I was playing with translator when choosing a name

What are your hobbies outside of CPA?

Hahaha, I’m changing hobbies pretty often but some stay with me for life. Two things I love the most are sailing (and everything connected to it, be it sea culture or history) and mountains. About more day-to-day interests, I would list reading fiction and nature.

Which activities did you participate in during school/college?

In primary school it was mostly music, drama and nature-related activities, later Polish culture and language-related, reading and writing plus history.

Okay, get ready for the last question now. This is a rather famous question… Lady Wynnifred Ashgrow, of the house Pikke, what is your favourite flower?

It’s hard to choose… Probably poppies and cornflowers. Commanders, hope you are reading this, I know you have no idea what is my favourite flower and yet you call yourselves leaders. I will check what did you remember from that interview

Thank you for the interview Wynn!ย 

I walked back to my office in a state of melancholy. While the encounter with Elp and Ayan had ended in disaster, the interview with Wynn certainly made the day much more happier. Even though I won’t ever get interviewed myself, I can continue to interview the core of the Help Force, people like Wynn who work hard day and night to make HF the way it is so you guys can enjoy it. Signing off with a new sig,

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