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Content de te revoir! It’s good to be back and writing another entry in the website’s greatest series. This week I’ll be discussing my new best friend, my exams. Introducing a new section of the series and a new ski story.

Mon ami nouveau, le rat

First and foremost, I’ll be talking about the highlight of my week. A rat decided to come and live inside of my horse’s stable storage where I get their feed ready and things like that. This place is great for a rat to live in because there’s plenty of food for them as well a warm place to sleep etc. Throughout the week I could hear the rat running around every time I went in there to get the horses’ dinner ready. Eventually, we did catch him with a piece of brownie and trapped in a cage.

Initially, I was terrified of the fact there was a rat inside the stables. Once I saw the rat, I didn’t really care, he was so cute. I hope Snowy is proud. We let him out of his cage at a river near my house and hope he doesn’t come back and live in the stables again smh.

Mes examens

So for those who don’t know, I recently sat my ‘A-level replacements’. A-levels in the UK were cancelled in January, however, replaced by other exams in order for there to be enough evidence that I deserve the grades I’ve been given. Although the government stated that the exams would be fairly replaced, they were still treated as real A-levels.

Aside all that, I still didn’t take them seriously enough and I definitely felt it in the exams, but yolo. They could’ve gone much worse.


I listen to music a lot, like for the majority of the day. Therefore I thought this section of the series would be a good addition! At the moment my top 3 songs are:

My music is incredibly varied but these are the top ones this time. I also have a bad habit of listening along to everyone’s music if I see a song I like so if I’m listening along to your Spotify. Congrats, I like your music.

Le ski et moi

This weeks story is probably the worst and the most cringe, but I’ll build-up to the better ones. When I look back at this, it makes me want to cry. Anyway, let me set the scene.. 14-year-old Lyd. On a ski tour, in Italy for 2 weeks. I had raced all week and at the weekend we went out and skied recreational. We stayed in the hotel as a team and there were also other teams staying there. In particular, there was an Italian team staying next to our team’s section of the hotel.

Me being me, chatty, loud and ginger – rare in Italy – I naturally attracted the other teams. Specifically, there was one boy who I will call Dave. Dave was like 18 but I only found this out after he started speaking to me. He was overly interested in me and used the most ridiculous pickup lines on me. I remember one particular one which was like ‘if you were in Riverdale you’d be the most beautiful ginger there’ which was a really strange thing to say lmao.

Dave was relentless, and I actually still speak to him sometimes even though he’s like 24 now, it makes me laugh so much because of the pickup lines he used and the things he used to say. Reminds me of someone. Being ginger is hard man!

That concludes this week’s Lyd’s Dairy Diary thank you all for taking such interest in the series & I’ll see you next time!

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  1. Dave and Diwix… their names both start with a D… COINCIDENCE I THINK NOT

  2. you did the right thing with the exams ggs

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