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Hey Helpers! Today we logged onto CPR and did a Cameraman Takeover Event! The rooms were Town, Iceberg, and Forest. They were lead by Ken, Nell, Hannah, and Kendall. Many fantastic formations and inspired tactics were done.

Max: 33+

Make sure you comment below for a promotion!

Thanks for attending the Event, hope to see y’all next time!
Keep Unleashing The Power of Helping!

19 Responses

  1. Attended!

  2. attended!

  3. People in the town thought we were bots, boy were they wrong :), it was fun.

  4. Attended

  5. i attended

  6. Attended


  8. Attended -Foxy girl

  9. Attended!

  10. I attended!

  11. Attended

  12. i was there!

  13. i attended

  14. Attended 🙂

  15. I attended!

  16. i attended too sorry if it’s too late i forgot ;-;

  17. Attended! gloriiiiiiii

  18. […] More events were scheduled today. First off was the [EU] Cameraman Takeover that was hosted by Ken, Nell, Hannah, and Kendall with a max of 33+. The helpers got some great […]

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