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HF Insight: Too many events!

Hey there! Welcome to the HF Insight, or HFI for short!

The HF Insight will be about the previous Sunday along with the following Week. (i.e. Sunday-Saturday) 

Table of Contents

  • Week in Short
  • The HF Nickname Game
  • Interviews
  • Army Statistics for the Week
  • HF Insight Insider Info

Week In Short

Sunday, 5th April 2020

It’s Sunday Funday! The wonderful BB’s are back! Branch Battles made a return this week! Let’s find out if the Yellow Chilies increased their spice game and won against Hot Sauce after their long winning streak, or if the Sauce made sure they got no Loss!

Final Score: Hot Sauce :hotsauce: 3 – 1 :yellowchili: Yellow Chilis

Congratulations to Hot Sauce on another Saucy display! Good luck next time!
This was a clear win for the Hot Sauce team!
The Current Situation of the Hot Sauce and Yellow Chili Branch Battles have a score of 4-3 for the red hots!
Today we had also had one more fabulous event! It was a [US] Stamp Heist.  With a max of 32+ and the moderator Komal, we managed to gets loads of stamps!

Monday, 6th April 2020

We once again,  had another US event! It was the [US] Operation: Revel. With a wonderful max of 20, 3 Moderators, Hannah, Kendall and Eliteslayer led the army to do great tactics, and have amazing co-ordination!

Tuesday, 7th April 2020

Today, we had an [AUSIA]Operation: Rave that was led by Jayden and gave us an average AUSIA max of 17 Helpers!
We also had an [EU]Bunny Takeover hosted by Hannah giving us a great max of 28! Other than bad puns, the event turned out to be great!

Wednesday, 8th April 2020

Today, there were no events! Why, you ask? Well, the big RPF Battle was the next day, so we dedicated this whole day to Recruitment Segments!

Thursday, 9th April 2020

Today was the main event we were waiting for! The RPF Battle! It was the final battle we would have in the CPAM Tournaments! The Help Force brought many people on with a whopping max of 66!

Friday, 10th April 2020

We had 2 events today, each was followed up by a fun event! We had an [EU] Photography Event + CJ Tournament! With a great max of 25+ at the event, the helpers went around Blizzard and got wonderful pictures! The event was led by Hannah, Kendall and Ken! To celebrate they went for a CJ Tournament!

The second event for the was the [US] Pizza Party + Fashion Show! With a good max of 25, Hannah, Kendall and Eliteslayer led the force to have a great event along with a fabulous fashion show!

Saturday, 11th April 2020

Today we had an [EU] Spring Event that was led by Hannah, Kendall and Ken! The event was great with a max of 26+ along with wonderful tactics and formations by the helpers!

The HF Nickname Game

Welcome to the HF Nickname Game! We will be picking 3 People of the force each week and be giving them a funny nickname. (In Partnership with Alexei)

Janez: Jackbox
NiceWolf: Lice Wolf
Lisa: Losa (don’t call her that)


GoTW Interview
Dated: 12/04/2020

Today we interviewed Hstergirl! A newcomer to the force and a very hard worker! Find out what she had to say about her interview:-

1)How does it feel to be the GoTW

I wasn’t really expecting it so I was pretty surprised at first, but it feels really cool getting it and I’m really grateful.

2) What is your custom command?

I don’t have a custom command.

3) How long have you been a part of the HF

I joined March 18th, so almost a month now.

4) Do you plan on getting any higher ranks other than GoTW like Lieutenant?

I’m not sure yet. I definitely plan on attending as many events as I can and everything, but my main goal is just to stay active really. The promos are just a bonus, haha.

5) What do you have to say to the helpers who trying their best to get GoTW

The biggest thing is just being active. Attend as many segs as you can, come to events, talk in chat, help people out. If you put in the work and really dedicate yourself, you’ve got this!

6) Anything else you wanna add?
Really I just want to say thank you. When I joined I didn’t really know what I was getting into, but everyone’s so nice and it’s just a really great place to be. It’s nice to have a group to help relax and just have fun with. So thanks guys.

Leaders on the Rise
Dated: N/A

We apologise, but there is no interview for the week!

Army Statistics for the Week

Thanks to the Weekly Reflection by Moon and CPAM Top Ten, here are the statistics for the week!

Inside the HF Insight Insider Info

We recruited 400+ Helpers from 5th to 11th April !! Welcome, all you new amazing helpers!!
If you have any insights about HF make sure you DM me!

Well, that’s all we have for today! Join us next week as we take a look at the wonderful events that unfold! Keep unleashing the power of helping!

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