[EU] Bunny Takeover

Hey Helpers! Today we logged onto CPR for a Bunny Takeover on Blizzard!

The event was lead by Hannah and despite not reaching the max on 45+ the Helpers did an outstanding job with tactics and formations. Comment below if you attended.

Max : 28

14 Responses

  1. I attended!

  2. I attended!

  3. I came to the first half of it! <3

  4. Was there

  5. TY For hosting Hannah it was a amazing event!!

  6. I attended 🙂

  7. I was there!

  8. Hey, I came for like 5 minutes -Kimi

  9. An hour late but I was there!

  10. i attended

  11. i attended

  12. First event and I loved it, will definitely do more in the future

  13. (H)elp Force Best Force

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