[EU] Branch Battles!

After a long week of battles, Help Force saw the return of the two spiciest teams around after a week break, with Yellow Chilis and Hot Sauce battling it out again on Permafrost CPR to see who would win another tight encounter! With leaders Moon and Juanita engineering the tactics and Tistle judging again, let’s see what the Full Time report was…

Room 1: Coffee Shop Hot Sauce entered this room with a bang, wiping yellow Chilis off their feet! They produced solid word tactics and superior bombing skills to win the room. Yellow Chilis fought hard and nearly grabbed a tie!
Room 2: Ski Village This room was even closer to call! Yellow Chilis this time started strongest but their size let them down on occasion here. Hot Sauce showed a better variety of formations and Yellow Chilis attempt at blocking didn’t pay off enough to win them the room. Hot Sauce barely extend their lead.
Room 3: Snow Forts This room saw Hot Sauce’s most superior display to eyes, with many aspects of their battle strengthening. Yellow Chilis fought hard again but were short in the quality of their tactics at times, and would need a big display to overcome their max deficit and tactic quality.
Room 4: Beacon A good room from both teams! Yellow Chilis use of blocking Hot Sauce was good and their formations were overall cleaner than Hot Sauce’s. Tactics were of similar quality but these reasons mean Yellow Chilis salvaged a room.
Room 5: Clothes Shop Another good display from both sides, bringing the highest max for the entire battle. Hot Sauce’s innovative bombing style was very impressive but Yellow Chilis formations were clearer in general! This room for this reason was deemed a draw!
Final Score: Hot Sauce :hotsauce: 3 – 1 :yellowchili: Yellow Chilis

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  1. Hello I was there

  2. I attended!

  3. I attended

  4. yellow chili will get their revenge soon

  5. Awesome Photo Very Nice Me

  6. Was there, also you are breathtaking and HOT SAUCE!

  7. was there for the beginning in coffee shop but had to go!!! gj all <3

  8. I managed to be there for the last two rooms; yellow chilis will rise again :>

  9. I attended!

  10. I attended-storm/naji2

  11. I attended!!!

  12. I attended

  13. Attended

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