[AUSIA] Operation: Temper

Hey helpers! Today the AUSIA division logged onto CPR- Blizzard for probably, one of the biggest AUSIA events that happened in a while! We got a huge max of 33+ members with a few recruits as well!! The event was hosted by Barnito and Jayden!

Max: 33+

Comment below if you came for promotions!!

15 Responses

  1. I came – Nafis

  2. I attended now gimme potatoes i dont need promos

  3. great event!!!

  4. I was there – Dest

  5. I attended name storm / penguin name naji2

  6. Great great great great event!

  7. I was there!! It was so amazing to see so many ppl coming/joining 😀

  8. was there :’)

  9. I attended!

  10. I attended!

  11. I was there!!

  12. Unleashed the Power Of Helping!

  13. I forgot to comment again so here ya go

  14. […] Events once again were set for today! We had an [AUSIA] Operation: Temper and the [EU] Leprechaun […]

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