The Help Force De-Lice-ious Awards

On Sunday, the 15th of March, The Help Force announced an awards ceremony for all of our awesome members…… hosted by our resident Lice, ElPiojo.

This is the medal that was be given out to all the winners. [Credits to Crystal for design!]

Without further ado, here are the categories which were put up and their winner:

1)Most Active Member: Alexei

2)Best Bot: HF Bot

3)Best Song For VC: YMCA

4)Best HF Wannabe: Wasaki

5)Best Comrade: Choclatey

6)Best Alt Maker: Albertchauwithapow

7)Best Lurker: Desty Roy Roy Destroyer (:lurk:)

8)Best Sleep Deprived: Sleepy (what a coincidence:zzz:)

9)Most Likely To Not Win An Award: MoonAn and Choclatey (A three way tie:E5:)

10)Most Likely To Make Someone Cry: Elp (:hmm:)

11)Best British: Tistle :tuba:

12)Best VC Singer: Elp (:squint~1:)

13)Comedian of the Force: Elp (Coincidence? I think not:haha~2:)

14) Most Chatty: Choclatey

15)Nicest Helper: ROOBOO (Well Deserved:EH~2:)

16)Favourite Hispanic: Elp (Getting real Fishy:eyesHmm:)

17)Worst JTSer: Juanita (Was there really any doubt?:JTS:)

18)Favourite Dynasty: Lisa 

19)Most Savage: Neo

20)Most Social: Alexei

21)Favourite HF Mom: Crystal

22)Weirdest HF Staff: Jayden (HAHAHA, it’s true)

23)Best HF Blogger: Komal (I’m editing rn and I have to say, TYSM GUYS!)

24)Favourite Staff  Member: Juanita

25)Favourite Help Force Leader: Tistle and Moon

26)Favourite Role: GoTW

27)Favourite Instrument Of The Force: Tuba :tuba:

28)Favourite Stamp: Blue Hockey Stamp :hockey_jersey:

29)Favourite Tactic: J Bomb (what? Help Force Best Force?)

30)Favourite Force/Best Force: Help Force (Still questioning that last one…)

31)Best Ship That Never Happened: RORITA (Rorange and Juanita :orangeAmazed::EH~2::JTS:)

32)Favourite Juanita Ship: RORITA :orangeAmazed::EH~2::JTS:

33)Favourite Allies: ACP :EL:

34)Best HF Ally: Tsanami :ocean:

35)Best HF Drama: Coup Spotty :sip~2:

36)Most Hated Enemy Army: Pirates :pirate:

37)Most Missed Ex-Member: Rorange and Katty

38)Most Likely To Get Banned: Choclatey (for too much communism:sovietmaniac:)

39)Most Likely To Survive An Apocalypse: Tistle and Choclatey (why is this award here:confuseddoggo:)

40)Best Helper: Alexei And Azalea 


And that brings us to the end of the awards. Congratulations to all the winners we’ll see you for the next awards ceremony. Until then, Keep unleashing the power of Helping! (Seriously, why didn’t that tactic win? Why J bomb?)

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