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Wolfi Logs On

The motherland witnessed an incredible feat during today’s SpongeBob event, as Wolfi logged on successfully. He persevered through various dangers, eventually reaching the event.

After attending a Frozen event, Wolfi decided that it would be a good idea to attend a SpongeBob event as well. It is clear that Wolfi was not prepared to sponge the bob, as he was still wearing his Olaf costume.

Not only did he not prepare a costume before the event started, he even forgot that the event was happening in the first place.

The event had caught Wolfi off guard, making it difficult for him to attend. What Wolfi did not know was that there was a visitor-made virus that he was infected with. Symptoms of this virus include memory loss, which is why he forgot about the event as well as the costume.

Speaking of costumes, when Wolfi finally remembered to change, he had a little accident.

Although he had put on the SpongeBob yellow, he had failed to put on some square pants. This left him naked for the duration of the event. The visitor virus had made him forget to put on clothes.

This cruel visitor virus left Wolfi vulnerable. All he wanted to do was attend an event, but the visitors could not let that happen. We will ban 50 visitors in retaliation.



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