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Tax Fraud Commits Murder

Devastation sweeps through the motherland as a tax fraud charges through the bodies of his prey. Several people have been killed by this beast, while others have been crippled by the monster’s cruel attacks. We will not rest until this tax fraud is locked up.

The tax fraud has a long criminal history that extends well past lying about the origins of his millions of clovers. The tax fraud has been seen threatening to bomb the Help Force.

He didn’t just threaten to bomb the Help Force, he threatened to bomb the entire Help Force, including my new office. How could he do something so cruel? I paid good money for that office. The rest of the army getting bombed, I can deal with, but my office getting bomb? Nah mate, we’ve gotta stop this tax fraud.

The tax fraud has also been seen threatening to cripple a helpless penguin.

How could this tax fraud do such a cruel thing? How can Waddleon waddle on without kneecaps? This is just ridiculous. Such cruelty from someone who doesn’t pay their taxes. He is making the rest of us tax frauds look bad. Elp, if you are reading this, forget what you’ve read. I am not a tax fraud, at least not in any official statements.

The word holds its breath as people cower in despair at the tax fraud’s reign of terror. Someone needed to put an end to this. But then, out of the blue, someone did put an end to it.

Calgo, our lord and saviour, has committed himself to killing the tax fraud. The world breathes a sigh of relief, as the threat of the tax fraud disappears. Thank god for Calgo, who saved us all from this terrible beast. He will be remembered. Especially after he gives us ACP.


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