Return of Hot Chocolate | Finale

Comrades! Citizens! Brothers and sisters! Soldiers of our glorious, gracious motherland! The treacherous occupation of Hot Chocolate by the Army of Club Penguin has ended. Hot Chocolate has been liberated and returned to its rightful owner, the Help Force. Let us celebrate the glorious, gracious liberation of the most precious and valuable land we own.

Hot Chocolate was claimed by the Help Force in 2022, before being claimed by the Army of Club Penguin after the map reset. Since ACP’s occupation of Hot Chocolate, several war crimes have been committed against its innocent citizens. The oppressive rule of the green, grouchy penguins caused severe famine amongst the Hot Chocians. Several attempts have been made by leading figures, such as Choco, to liberate Hot Chocolate, but the land constantly found itself back under ACP’s totalitarian rule.

This rule lasted for months, with hundreds of thousands of Hot Chocians dying to ACP’s famine and murder buses. The people started losing hope. Who is going to save me? What will happen to me? What will happen to my food? As the paranoia settled, the people of Hot Chocolate started turning into psychopaths. Luckily, this did not last long, with the outbreak of World War IX quickly saving the people of Hot Chocolate.

The war gave the people of Hot Chocolate a chance. A chance to free themselves from ACP’s weakening authority. With the power of the Help Force, we managed to repel Blue Sunset Alliance troops from ACP land, saving them from being eaten. With the BSA on the run, we gave an ultimatum to ACP.

Give us Hot Chocolate or else.

It was a really firm, strong ultimatum and ACP had no choice but to give in. After months of harsh, cruel, and unusual treatment, the occupation of Hot Chocolate by ACP was lifted. The people of Hot Chocolate were finally free. Choco could finally retire from his freedom-fighting job. When Calgo finally transferred ownership of Hot Chocolate to HF, everyone celebrated, cheering in support of their liberators. Hot Chocolate is not just a piece of land for ACP to hoard and commit war crimes in. It is a place full of people. Tasty people.

This is where the history books would typically end. Hot Chocolate would forever be a place of war crimes, liberation, and most importantly, tastiness. This is the end of Hot Chocolate’s history. It is the end. But it is not. I won’t allow it. This will not be the end of Hot Chocolate’s history. Hot Chocolate will go on. It will rule the world. It will be independent. It will become its own army.

That’s right. Hot Chocolate will secede from the Help Force. We must allow this land to become its own, independent army. Hot Chocolate will then become the dominant army on the map. After all, they have the tastiest people. Hot Chocolate will then declare war on ACP, to get payback for the war crimes committed under ACP’s rule. But before all that can happen, Hot Chocolate must become independent first. We must coup our commanders. We must win the civil war. Only then will Hot Chocolate become truly independent.


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