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Faces of the Force – Edgy


Hey Helpers! Welcome back to Faces of the Force, the series where a new helper is interviewed as we get to know them better! This week’s face is the amazing Edgy

Edgy joined HF over 2 years ago, and he can always be seen chatting during US hours. Read the interview below to learn more about him!

Snowy: Hey Edgy!

Edgy: oh hi!

Snowy: Thank you for doing this interview with me! How are you doing today?

Edgy: as always i’m tired, although right now i’m alright what about you?

Snowy: Pretty much the same lol

You’ve been in HF for a little while, when did you first join?

Edgy: i- huh that’s gonna take some time to think, I’ve been on and off with HF though i remember joining around the same time as this other member

I think their name was Snowflaxe, dunno if they’re still around or not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Snowy: XD

You’ve been here quite a while then, do you have any favorite memories you want to share?

Edgy: honestly I’m definitely going to age myself here, but the chaos of overtime is truly an event that’s once in a life time.

the sheer uncertainty of wether or not you’ll get muted or demoted by the mighty lice himself.

I’ve also attended a few Hf weddings back in the day, those were pretty and fun.

Snowy: I think we can all relate to the lice one, it’s gotten pretty chaotic

How about outside HF, what are some things you enjoy doing?

Edgy: I’m a gamer, but besides that I enjoy practicing and developing my skills in c++, talking to irl friends( what are those?) and playing dungeons and dragons.

Snowy: That sounds exciting! What games do you play?

Edgy: uh club penguins and club penguin only.

jk, i don’t know really have a set amount of titles I play, I do however enjoy the Roguelike genre

Snowy: Very interesting :hehe:

You mentioned developing skills in c++, how long have you been learning that for?

Edgy: around 2 years now? i think. honestly i have no idea ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Snowy: I can relate lol

Is programming something you’re interested in?

Edgy: it is indeed exactly that, I feel as if we’ve only begun to see the tip pf the iceberg in that profession. It’s just about to boom so I want to jump in and join when things really start to take off

it also allows me to be and feel more creative in my day to day.

Snowy: That’s really great :luv: Is there anything you’d like to say to the readers before we end?

Edgy: choose to do good, and be good for the sake of it.

not for the promise of rewards or for fear of punishment, but simply because it is the right thing to do it is what you should do. 👍

That’s all for this week! Thank you for reading, and make sure you say hi to Edgy next time you see him in the chat. Remember to leave a comment below if you enjoyed reading, see you next time Helpers!

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