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Get To Know The Staff – Ru

Welcome to the column Get To Know The Staff! I’m Scorp, and I am taking over this gig. I started writing blogs and stories for Club Penguin Armies in April 2020 and I’ve held positions of eminence in leagues like CPAL, CPAH and CPAHQ! So yeah, the column is in good hands.

But don’t be mistaken – I am NOT here voluntarily. It was a cold, dreary night, and all I wanted was to snuggle into my bed and sleep. Suddenly, lightning struck, thunder rumbled, bats began chittering and flying wildly outside. With a crash, Jayden broke down my front door and entered the room. His poker face on, he handed me a tiny note that said “You shall write this column now, lazy demon.” I had no choice but to accept. Why, you ask? THE MAN BROKE DOWN MY DOOR. I WAS SCARED, DUH.

Getting back to the point…

For readers who might not be acquainted with this column, basically I will be kidnapping one unlucky staff member every week and interrogating interviewing them about their CPA life, and about their real life if they have one. Speaking of, today’s staff member definitely has a real life. She left the Help Force server recently on a short leave to study for her exams. Since you guys haven’t seen her in a while, I figured I’d interview her for this edition.

In case you didn’t read this post’s title, the staff member is Admiral RU!

Her story is still an inspiration to many of the troops. Just like any other troop, she worked hard to attend all the events, stayed up late to win GOTW, and clawed her way up to staff ranks. As a staff member, Ru is one of the main pillars of our AUSIA division. Without her, AUSIA certainly wouldn’t be our strongest division. She takes care of all of the AUSIA mods like her own family, and makes sure they are all comfortable. Every break day, you can see her organizing the event manager ranks and scheduling all of their break day games. She is a constant positive beacon in the chats of the Help Force, bringing a warm, comfortable vibe to the server! Let’s see what she has been up to during her break.

Since she isn’t on Discord right now, I sent Ru a WhatsApp message to come to my office for the interview. But after arriving, she kept insisting on taking me out for coffee? Somehow, I managed to convince her to just get the interview done…  

Good evening, Ru! So what have you been up to in your little vacation?

Hi, Good evening Scorpie! I have been mostly studying so it is not so much of a vacation. I miss HF already lol.

Ooo studying, that sounds boring. Although, considering how easy it was to catch you online, I doubt you’re doing much of it heh. Can you tell me the story of how you joined HF?

Well, I was ordered to come online for this interview.

Aye, that’s a good question. I joined on 12th July, 2020, and yes it’s been more than a year. I was part of a CP group when I was a kid. During the pandemic I thought of checking if Club Penguin still exists and made an account. I wanted to join some community again and saw many armies doing stamp segments and events. I liked HF the most but I couldn’t join due to something I didn’t understand back then (the website invite wasn’t working). But I kept following HF during AUSIA events and in 4-5 days the invite worked and I was welcomed to the server by Barney and Nell.

What a heartwarming story! I’m sure our readers didn’t know this particular thing about you. What do you like the most about HF?

I love HF, every single dime of it. Most importantly, I love the helpers who take the time to come hang out with us, no matter how hard their life is. Staff is like an e-family to me who will be there for you no matter what. Every single member (except trolls) is so bountiful. Before each event, I feel so overwhelmed by how everyone comes together and works towards it. Wish I could have something like that in real life lol.

That was so deep… so as a staff member, how do you handle the trolls?

I mean kicks and bans come much later, after many warnings and in-person talking. Once someone understands how it works in the server, they behave. This has taught me to manage my anger and be patient till whatever extent I can. But you know there are a few trolls that you just know you have to punish.. so good bai don’t crai

What is your best memory from all these months in HF?

Trust me there aree so many it is hard to choose.. I’ll skip this question

Okay, let’s talk a bit more about your real life! What are your hobbies outside of Club Penguin?

I always wanted to be an all-rounder but sadly my typical Indian parents didn’t let me. I like to dance, I have done my Arangetram in Bharatnatyam (a type of Indian classical dance). Other than that, I do freestyle or whatever my friends choreograph together. I loveeeeeee to play sports and gym. Like loveeeeeeeeee. It makes me happy. I wish the gyms werent closed 😭 Even if I learned skating first and won kids medals, I have been playing Lawn Tennis since third grade and have entered few state and national championships. Also, played in football and volleyball teams cause it’s fun. Moreover, my hobbies include photography, editing, singing which comes from my dad, cooking when I am depressed, and party planning.

Whoa, you are quite talented outside armies! Do you have any favorite TV shows/movies that you would recommend to the readers to watch?

I watched A LOT of TV shows and movies. If you are just starting then make sure to watch Friends, HIMYM, The Big Bang Theory, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. If you have not? You have not lived. Movies? There is separate list for anime but I shall keep that aside. I wouldn’t like to recommend any but the latest movie that I have watched is Passengers which made me cry again. Also, I am a Marvel Fan!

Is there anything that you would like to say to the readers?

Hey, you all cool people… have this cookie for lasting so long, and thank you for not just reading this but being part of Help Force Family. Every one of you is so unique and amazing! I admire your personality and the joy that you bring into this community. Damn, we all have so much fun and this all wouldn’t have been possible without you guys. I am sad to be away from you all but it is just a few days and I will be back with a bang, I promise! After all, everyone has to return to their home after everything don’t they? I hope to see every one of you soon.

Stay beautiful as you are, believe in yourself, don’t be shy and know that staff are like your friends, moreover always keep helping! Love you guys and miss you all! DOSAAA FOR EVERYONEE!!! 🔥 And thank you Scorp, for having me.

That was the amazing Ru for you! Keep an eye out for the next interview, here’s a hint for who is getting featured – the staff member’s name is used as a HF tactic in battles. Comment the name below if you guessed it! Signing off –


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  1. Proud of you RU.

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