Rainbow’s Catalog Guide – June 2021

Welcome back, Helpers! Finally the long awaited June Catalog that I’ve been summoned once again to write! 

Beginning on the fifth and sixth pages, we have the Saturated Sombrero, Pair of Maracas, Saturated Poncho, Orange Flower Bikini and the Blue Quilted Vest!

Up to the next pages, we have the Icy Eyelashes, Twilight Lei, Music Jam T-shirt, Fishing Vest, the Starlet Eyes and the Starshine Makeup!

Onto the next pages, we have the Blue High Tops, Boombox, Color Splash Hoodie and the Orange Fade Hoodie!

Next up, we have The Holo Headphones, Holo DJ Suit, The Fuchsia FringeThe Funktastic, and a Straw Fedora!

Lastly, we have the Rainbow Hoodie, a Western T-shirt, and The Rainbow Curls!

That’s all for June’s Catalog! See you at the next Catalog!

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