Toots echoed far and wide as the best band in the east logged on to Ascent today for the first event of The Helper Voyage. The Helpers brought their musical instruments to CPR today as we gathered for a musical party to kick off this week’s journey! A big thank you to Ayan and Jayden for leading, and to the troops who attended.

MAX: 45

Comment below if you came to the event!

In this event, we kicked wore our favorite musical instruments and later had a Discord VC music party! Throughout the event, Jayden ensured that the Helpers displayed their musical prowess with ET fart emotes.

However, after the event, I experienced Help Force’s censorism for the very first time. Firstly, one of the Commanders forbade me from going on a rant about the hideous pink guitars. One of the other commanders encouraged me to forget pink guitars and speak about the popular HF slogan ‘Elp is the greatest’ instead (although that slogan is cool and very true indeed).

It’s all good and fair though, as the event was a huge success. After the CPR routine, everyone flocked to the VC to enjoy the musical party. Here’s some pics from the event:


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