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Hey Helpers! Today we logged onto CP Rewritten on Server – Abominable for a fun and exciting battle against our allies, Red Ravagers lead by Ayan, Barney and Jayden. It was one packed with tactics coupled with formations done with speed. Overall the helpers had fun participating in a nice, fun and eye-catching battle against them. Thank you all for attending and until more big events and battles where we together once again show the strength of the Help Force Family!

MAX: 33+

Comment below if u attended the battle!

Keep unleashing the power of helping!!

Till next time comrades!

One Response

  1. […] mid-week with an eventful day; we had 2 big events! We started the day with the [AUSIA] BATTLE: FLAG ‘EM DOWN led by Ayan, Barney, and Jayden and we had a max of 33+! We also had a very different and new event […]

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