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[EU] Branch Battle

Hey Helpers! Today we logged onto CPATG for our second Icecream vs Pizza Branch Battle! This was one of the best branch battles with tons of fantastic tactics and formations. This event took place in the rooms Night Club, Beach, Ski Lodge, Forts, and Cove!

MAX: 42+

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Room 1: Night Club A great room to start off the battle. Both teams had almost identical formations and tactics and were both performing at similar levels. With neither team standing out, it was hard to choose a winner here, so therefore this ends in a draw.

Room 2: Beach Interesting but solid nonetheless, with some questionable puns thrown in too. Pizzas were powerful with their formations which I felt was enough for them to take the win here. Good speed from both again.

Room 3: Ski Lodge This was the best room of the battle for both teams, and Pizza’s surround form was very powerful. On the contrary, Ice Cream was also strong with their plus formation and had good quality tactics. I felt this room was the toughest to decide but I felt Ice Cream just about snatched it.

Room 4: Forts Again, an extremely tight room. Pizza was heading for victory but I felt their scatter formation let them down with how weak it was. Ice Cream held firm but needed more innovation to steal a win here. Again, I feel a draw is a fair result for this room.

Room 5: Cove Cove saw Pizza’s go with another scatter formation, which I felt again left them vulnerable to gaps in their tactics. Ice Cream’s formations including a powerful slash at the end showed that they had just enough in the tank at the end to win. Another tough decision but Ice Cream snatch this battle in the tightest Branch Battle yet.

The highest max in this event was 42, even though the bot said 39. There were at least 3-4 members without the Help Force tag during the battle (peak in Ski Lodge) which should have counted to the total.

Thanks for attending this Branch Battle!
Keep Unleashing The Power of Helping!

24 Responses

  1. Good Game!!!

  2. I attended

  3. hello i attended 🙂 -skadootoot


  5. I came!

  6. Rai111 in game Team pizza owns raivo111 in cpr HF cute

  7. I was there!


  9. i attented

  10. I attended. Team ice cream
    Cpr- frosteduggla
    Discord- frostedsloth18#1616
    Cpatg- p 12488

  11. i was there

  12. I attended pls gimme a promo tysm

  13. i was there! 😹🥰✨

  14. I attended 🙂 – Slush

  15. I attended 😀 HFsolar/solar (Team ice cream for life)

  16. i came to the branch battle

  17. I attended!

  18. I attended!!

  19. Rlqtz/Raluca in the chat – i was there

  20. i attended

  21. i attended!!

  22. I was there too!!

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