Hey Helpers! Today we logged onto CPATG – Zipline for another Branch Battle! The event went very well with amazing tactics and formations! The event took place in various rooms such as the Hidden Lake, The Gold Mines, The Beach, The Pizza Parlor & The Stadium. Good Job Helpers!

MAX: 35+

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Room 1: Hidden Lake This room was entered well by both teams. Team Water had a minor max advantage but Team Fire held them back by forming tactics quicker and more swiftly. A close encounter in this room, but Team Fire were quite literally on Fire to start this battle off and claim the first room.

Room 2: Gold Mines Team Water’s requested room was an interesting one, but it payed off massively. Team Fire couldn’t keep up the speed from the previous room, and TW’s use of the wiper tactic, along with a variety of others meant that Water clearly win this room.

Room 3: Beach Another great room, this one being one of the closest. Again, both TF and TW were strong, but TW’s max advantage meant that they had a big advantage in that regard. They could form bigger formations and their quality of tactics meant that Team Fire would have done exceptionally to beat them here.

Room 4: Pizza Parlor A strong room from both teams again. Team Water’s use of the double line formation and tactic split was innovative and despite Team Fire’s desperate need to close the gap here, their speed wasn’t enough to overthrow the solid max that Team Water had, which grew in this room.

Room 5: Stadium Again, a very strong room to conclude a great battle. Unfortunately by this stage Team Fire had already lost and were still battling on to grab a conciliation. The result of the battle does not reflect their ability, but their max was a deciding factor quite often. Team Water were strong and they stop Team Fire’s 3 match win streak.

Thanks for attending this event, We hope to see you again!
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  1. I attended – Nafis

  2. i was there!

  3. I attended!

  4. I attended amazing post Hannah. And team water victoryyyyyy!!

  5. I attended!

  6. kingofnorwey in game rai111 rank helper i tink attend event love HF

  7. I attended

  8. I attended! Thanks for hosting!

  9. I attended! GG! 🙂

  10. I attended

  11. attended team water always on top

  12. Attended

  13. i attended! ty for hosting 🙂

  14. i attended!

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  16. I attended – Slushy

  17. I attended…..TEAM WATER FTW

  18. Attended!

  19. I attended

  20. I was there

  21. i was there!-Soft Teddy <3

  22. Sorry i know I am late, I attended I am denny

  23. I attended,/Hattie

  24. thank you for hosting , i attended soft1-snowflake

  25. Forgot to comment yesterday, sorry, I attended. I’m Scaduf on dis.

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