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The HF Insight will be about the previous Sunday along with the following Week. (i.e. Sunday-Saturday) 

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  • What’s Happening?
  • Week in Short
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What’s Happening?

Welcome What’s Happening? Here, we will go through all the latest server updates for the week! Of course, we can’t forget the casual HF Gossip! Let’s find out What’s Happening!

The week started off wild! Sunday, gave us something new! We present the J-Crew! Elp and Janez worked together to get HF to turn into ultimate madness by making everyone’s names begin with J! Sadly we have no pictures of that “Event”.

Sunday also gave us our GoTW, Mintéa as she broke HF History and got points of more than 6000 beating all previous records! Congrats!

Onto more exciting things, we welcomed in 2 new trial moderators!
Welcome to the team and good luck to Janez and Rorange! In addition to that, we saw a promotion of Jayden and Komal to 4ic/Marshal! And finally, we saw the newest HF Leader, Barnito who is now the newest HF 2ic/Chief! Congrats to everyone!

Sadly, with some good news there came the bad news. Moon, the HF’s Commander has retired from her post.

On behalf of the Writers and the Staff team, the Help Force wishes nothing but the best to Moon and her future!

Some shocking news for this week as well! Just as the hype begins for the Legends cup that’s coming up soon, the server witnessed a huge influx of new helpers joining the server and being very active! I would name all but there’s way too many to count! For now, that’s all we have! Make sure to read on to find out what all the helpers did this week and take a look at some special interviews right here on the HFI!


Week In Short

Sunday, 24th May 2020

Read the Branch Battle post here

The BB leaderboard gets a point for Team Water breaking their 3-win Streak with a total max of 31+.

:teamwater: Team Water 2:3 Team Fire :teamfire:

Monday, 25th May 2020

Monday brought us our [US] Miners Takeover. Hosted by Hannah and Alexei, the event brought in a max of 23+ and great tactics in both the Cave Mines and the Iceberg. Or maybe I should say Iceland?

Tuesday, 26th May 2020

Tuesday? More like Battleday! Today was our [EU] Practice Battle vs Water Vikings! Led by Tistle, the battle brought in a max of 31+ and a 2-0 victory for Help Force! Great job Helpers!

Wednesday, 27th May 2020

No midweek blues here. Today brought us a [AUSIA] Referee Takeover. Hitting a gorgeous max of 34+, the event was led by Barney, Jayden, and Marshmallow and featured rooms like the Stadium and the Docks!
Our second event of the day was our [US] Sled Racing Tournament. Lead by Kendall and one of our managing officers, Mayathefirst, we brought in a good max of 19+ and our winner was the champion Harout! Congrats on your ever-growing win streak!

Thursday, 28th May 2020

Thursday started off with a [AUSIA] Fashion Show giving a chance for the AUSIA Division to show off their glamour and style! Congrats to Mayathefirst for winning this fabulous event. The event was led by Alexei and Jayden with a max of 13+.

Later, The [EU] Dance Party was held giving helpers a chance to show us some moves! We are definitely “Help” Force when it comes to dancing since our leader Hannah, really had some bad dance steps! Regardless of that, we managed to get a great max of 45+.

Friday, 29th May 2020

2 more events today, starting off with a [EU] Card Jitsu Tournament maxing 20+ whilst being hosted by Hannah. Congrats to Sharky on her win and being the CJ Master!

To end the day, a [US] Guitar Takeover was held by Hannah and Kendall with a max of 25+. Thank the Help Force overlords for Kendall’s guitar skills because just like the dancing, Hannah was not born for a guitar.

Saturday, 30th May 2020

To end this week, [EU] Operation: Pride was held with a max of 20+ and was led by Hannah! At least she took pride in HF and didn’t play the guitar or dance this time! (she did stink though)

The HF Nickname Game

Sadly, this is the end of the “HF Nickname Game of Shameful Names that we love to play”. Yes, that’s the full name. The reason for this is that we, the writers just don’t have a creative mind to get nicknames for every troop! Plus, we were kind of running out of names. But do not fear as when one section leaves another enters! If you haven’t noticed from last week we have a whole new section! Scroll to the top to read it!



GoTW Interview
Dated: 29/05/2020

This week’s GoTW Interview is Mintéa! A previous winner for the GoTW! We couldn’t get a GoTW interview last time she won so it looks like things turned out perfectly! She is a very active member when it comes to events and segments. Mintéa is also from the US division.

HFI: Hey Mintea!! So good to talk to you again!

Mintéa: It’s great! Didn’t think it would happen again tbh LOL

HFI: Ah well you absolutely killed it! How does it feel to get GoTW more than once?

Mintéa: I feel so honored!!! It’s such a great feeling

HFI: It really is. How many points did you earn this time around? I heard it was a new record!

Mintéa: 6700 :uwu:

HFI: Wow! That’s double what I’ve earned hahah. Can you tell us what’s your favorite part of Help Force? Personally I love the tournaments we have.

Mintéa: I really like how we are allowed to host fun events (Managers +). It really helps and gives us an experience on what it’s like

HFI: Aww, I love when you guys ask to host events too, it feels like more inclusive! So now that you already have a command, are you going to change it? If not can you just remind our helpers what it is

Mintéa: I wouldn’t change it since I really like it and it shows how my username is a play on words It’s “!mintea” – Minty Mint Tea

HFI: Aww, that’s so lovely. Now, I’m sure I’ve asked before but do you have any personal hobbies or favorite things to do outside of HF?

Mintéa: I love knitting and playing Netball! Netball is my favorite sport and our team is really good

HFI: Aw I’ve always wanted to learn knitting. Seems fun

Mintéa: It is when you get the hang of it uwu

HFI: Alrighty, since it’s been a little bit, what is now your current rank?

Mintéa: Sergeant Tier 2!

HFI: Ooh almost to Major! Keep working hard!

Mintéa: :salute~7:

HFI: One last question for you, any advice or words for our Helpers?

Mintéa: Keep recruiting, and believe in yourself, you can achieve anything :EH~8:

HFI: Wonderful! You heard it here folks. Keep staying Mintea fresh. Ha get it? 😉

HFI Exclusive
Dated: 29/05/20

This week, we bring you an exclusive interview with a past member of the Help Force that is very known to the army. Charlotte a.k.a LottieGrace, Help Force’s favorite Lollipop!

HFI: Hey Lottie! It’s been so long! How’ve you been?

Lottie: I’ve been pretty good! how about you?

HFI: I’ve been doing pretty great as well! So, for our first question, When did you join the Help Force? No need for an exact date if you can’t remember haha

Lottie: it was March 17th, 2019 🙂

HFI: ooo a long time haha. When did you become a moderator for the help force?

Lottie: Uh sometime around late May, early June I believe

HFI: oh wow, that was pretty quick! So, as many of our helpers know, you were a leader for the help force, when exactly did you get to that position?

Lottie: I believe I got 2ic on August the 14th, and then I got 1ic in mid-September

HFI: Wow, once again really fast lol. So, are you proud of what you’ve accomplished and done for the army?

Lottie: For the most part, yes, especially back in around October-November I’d say that was the time period I’m most proud of

HFI: yay that’s great! Do you miss leading the Help Force for its events, wars, etc?

Lottie: I mean, I guess? Some things like the feeling of how it felt to lead, and how it felt when a battle was won, but I definitely don’t miss the 1:30 am events haha

HFI: lol, hf syndrome really ruins that schedule! So let’s dive deeper into the community. Are you still involved in the CPPS Community?

Lottie: nope

HFI: Do you want to be involved?

Lottie: not really, I’d rather just chat with people, being in the CPPS’ community doesn’t appeal to me anymore

HFI: aw that sucks, but it makes sense. we all have to move on at some point from this game haha. If you were asked to come back into the Help Force, would you?

Lottie: I mean I was asked to rejoin the server and I did, but if I was asked back into the staff team I’d have to decline

HFI: Well it seems like our interview time is almost over! So for our final question, is there anything you would like to say to the helpers reading this?

Lottie: hello helpers, some of u probably don’t even know me but that’s ok! I just wanna say, stay safe, don’t be stupid and have a good time

Army Statistics for the Week

Thanks to the CPAM Top Twenty and the Weekly Review here are the statistics for the week!

Inside the HF Insight Insider Info

We recruited 100+ Helpers from 24th to 30th May!! Welcome, all you new amazing helpers!
If you have any insights about HF make sure you DM Jayden#2004 or Alexeii#0615!

Well, that’s all we have for today! Join us next week as we take a look at the newest events that unfold. Keep unleashing the power of helping!


HFI Co-writers: Alexei and Jayden

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