Hey Helpers! Today we logged on for our Referee Takeover event. The event went very well with amazing coordination, tactics and formations. The event included these rooms – Town, Stadium and Docks.

MAX : 34+

Make sure to comment below if you came for promotions!


12 Responses

  1. I attended! GJ guys- Slush

  2. I attended – Nafis

  3. I attend if nidd rank i have junour cadet and in game raivo111

  4. me

  5. i am mh the snoo

  6. I attended! My cp user was Seedling2 -Aerial7

  7. I attended! – LilyStar1

  8. I came!

  9. I attended

  10. THANK YOU FOR HOSTING, I attended. Soft1-SnowFlake

  11. i attended sorry for commenting late

  12. HF FOREVER !

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