HF Insight: Burnin’ Up!

Hey there! Welcome to the HF Insight, or HFI for short! Last week we went through a server revamp! We also got our website better and had an amazing time! Let’s take a look at all this!

The HF Insight will be about the previous Weekend along with the following Week. (i.e. Saturday-Friday) 

Saturday, 22nd February 2020

The day brought to us an announcement for the big Saturday event! We had a [EU] Big Saturday Event that was hosted by our leader Tistle and maxed at 19+. Though PH was present, the helpers performed exceptionally well and, Along with that event, we saw a 3 hour long VC Party that started off with Elp and FredBoat, then Jayden and Kuklapa and finally onto our beloved Aussie; AussiePie! With that, we all found out that Moon has peeing problems and AussiePie has never had a hangover!

We were also introduced to 2 new and 1 returning moderator! Welcome aboard Ken Kaneki and Ash! We also welcomed Hannah back to her moderating position!

BREAKING NEWS: The Help Force was almost burnt down to a crisp by Elpiojo and Tistle and this was all due to the moderator candle-ing process of hiring Ken and Ash, but we would like to thank Moon for putting out the fire with her pee and saving HF and making it stinkier than ever! We saw a few injuries but no one was seriously hurt!

Sunday, 23rd February 2020

Another fire broke out in the early EU hours. Reports state that it started in General and spread fast to welcome and event pics. We’ve heard that it was started by Elpiojo but he also peed it all out so? Hero or not; You decide!

In other news, 2 events were scheduled! One [AUSIA] Trivia and once again a [EU] Branch Battle! In case you haven’t heard, we renamed our teams! Yellow is now Yellow Chilies and Red is now Hot Sauce!

The Trivia was hosted by our commander Tistle

In 3rd Place with 4 points is
@Shark From The Future and @Juanita
In 2nd place with 5 points is
And finally, The winner with an impressive 9 points is
@Alexei (♡ Destroyer) Congrats!!

Later we had our [EU] Branch battle that was hosted by Moon for Yellow Chilies and Juanita for Sad Sauce Hot Sauce! Tistle was our referee for the event and here are the results!

“Room 1: Stadium (Yellow Chillies) – Yellow Chillies entered the
room quicker and executed their tactics well to win the first room.
Room 2: Docks (Hot Sauce) – Hot Sauce had a man advantage in the
second room and their tactics had a vast improvement. Despite Yellow
Chillies being consistently good, their lesser max letting them down.
Room 3: Town (Yellow Chillies) – Again, Yellow
Chillies were at a disadvantage in numbers but in this room, Hot Sauce’s tactics weren’t on point enough in comparison to the Chillies, who were strong throughout. Final Result: Hot Sauce 1 – 2 Yellow Chillies”

Monday, 24th February 2020

Like always, Mondays are break days!
HAHA, Psych! Today there was an announcement for a [US] Pizza Party!

Speaking of breaks, Juanita broke the general chat for a little bit… we can’t tell if she just JTS’d her way into closing the general chat or not but yea… Juanita closed #general for a while and our mods assumed that chat was dead…

Oh! Also, an Impromptu Skribbl was hosted by Jayden in the early evening AUSIA hours! Our winners were:-

Tistle 1st (he cheated)

WE STAFF AER SUPERIOR – Juanita after the event

The [US] Pizza Party was hosted by Komal[Flypin] and Maxed 51+.
Now that’s what I call a Pizza Party!

Tuesday, 25th February 2020

Since the Revamp, the staff had announced special fun events for those who attend big events and that time has come when the helpers were woken up by the sound of a ping over at the Event channel. There was an [EU] Operation: Prevail and a [US] Puffle Party

So fly has excuses for hosting…. so Moon and Tistle created this gem!

You’ve heard of my dog ate my homework
Now its time for my sister burned my house down

Anyways, the [EU] Event was about to begin and boy oh boy was it good! The event was hosted by Tistle and maxed 15+. I believe this operation… was a SUCCESS!!!

We had another event for the [US] Division that maxed 45+ and was hosted by Komal[Flypin]. DAMN, SHE IS ON FIRE WITH THE EVENTS!!! Everything is burning hot on HF this week!

We also had a Find Four Fun Tournament hosted by Darth Destroyer! The winners were:-

ames(gotmule) – 3rd

Wednesday, 26th February 2020

There was only one event scheduled for today and it was an [AUSIA] Operation: Success and it maxed 10+ while being hosted by Crystal!

Also a warm welcome back to our 3ic Aoao6!

Thursday, 27th February 2020

We woke up to a wonderful ping for 2 events. it was a [EU] Mining Event and an [US] Operation: Triumph

We had an Unscheduled fun event hosted by An710. It was a Sled Racing Tournament held at mid-day AUSIA Hours! The winners were:-

First Place: Aoao6

Friday, 28th February 2020

2 Events were scheduled today and they were a [AUSIA] Coffee Party and a [US] Serene Springs Event

The [AUSIA] was led by Jayden and maxed 16+ Helpers! It was the most active AUSIA has been since the new leadership! While the [US] on the other hand were not as active as usual, they managed to get 30+ so that’s great!

That brings us to the end of the wonderful HF Insight in our events!


In the next segment, you will see our interviews! We have switched to a better and more concrete form of interviewing people! Due to timezones and personal lives, we have decided to give the Helper their question and just let them answer when they could! We will be following that from now on!

GoTW Interview
Dated: 25/2/2020

This week we interviewed the first-ever GoTW of our new system! She is the first member to receive GoTW in less than 2 weeks and is the most active member yet! It’s SharkFromTheFuture or FutureShark

1)How does it feel to be the first GoTW with a new way of earning the rank?
2) What is your custom command?
3) How long have you been a part of the HF
4) Do you plan on getting any higher ranks other than GoTW like Lieutenant?
5) What do you have to say to the helpers who trying their best to get GoTW
6) Anything else you wanna add?

1. It feels pretty cool honestly. Especially since I’m really new lol.
2. My custom command is “Jaws theme starts playing”. I have to stay on brand. It’s done by !Shark
3. As of when I am typing this, I’ve been a part of HF for 10 days.
4. I don’t really know honestly. I just like helping people and if I end up with the opportunity, I will probably take it. But if I should stay in the lower ranks, that’s where I will stay. I’d like to see where I can go tho.
5. Make sure to attend each event/seg that you can, and do your absolute best while doing so. Also, participate in the chat and be friendly and helpful! It will get you far!
6. I wanna add that HF is a great group of people who are genuinely nice and care about one another. They are extremely helpful as well!

Leaders on the Rise
Dated: 26/2/2020

We had an interview with a semi-old member of the HF that is very active in HF! We present to you Marshmallow!

1) hey marshmallow! how long have you been in HF?
2) what is your current rank?
3) Do you think you can get to GoTW soon?
4) What do you think about the HF Army
5) Anything else you would like to say to the helpers?


1. I’ve been in HF for like 4 to 5 months, I joined through a recruitment segment in CPO and stayed in HF 🙂
2. I’m just Master Cadet now 🙁
3. Yes, I definitely think that I will get GoTW but I don’t think I’ll get it soon, I have my exams coming soon and after that, I have like one month vacation and will definitely try my best to get GoTW.
4. The HF army is definitely a family. Even though being kicked from CPO, many people stayed in HF even though being banned from CPO which really shows the oneness of HF. Many people in HF have come to events that are not in their timezone and have woke up early just for the events. HF might not be the biggest army out there but it’s definitely the best army out there!
5. Just keep attending events and segments, try to recruit as much as possible and get new people into HF and we all can make Help Force the best force!


Inside the HF Insight Insider Info

We recruited a total of 63 Helpers from 22-28 Feb!! Welcome, all you new amazing helpers!!
If you have any insights about HF make sure you DM me!

Well, that’s all we have for today! Join us next week as we take a look at the wonderful events that unfold with a probable new segment! Keep unleashing the power of helping!

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