[EU] Branch Battles

Hey Helpers! Today we logged onto CPATG to have our weekly Branch Battles!


Room 1: Stadium (Yellow Chillies) – Yellow Chillies entered the room quicker and executed their tactics well to win the first room.

Room 2: Docks (Hot Sauce) – Hot Sauce had a man advantage in the second room and their tactics had vast improvement. Despite Yellow Chillies being consistently good, their lesser max letting them down.

Room 3: Town (Yellow Chillies) – Again, Yellow Chillies were at a disadvantage in numbers but in this room, Hot Sauce’s tactics weren’t on point enough in comparison to the Chillies, who were strong throughout.

Final Result: Hot Sauce 12 Yellow Chillies

MAX: 11+




  1. I attended

  2. hello!! I attended as Futureshark. 🙂

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