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Hello Helpers! Welcome to a new edition of WORLD OF CINEMA by myself, GeoIonut. In this edition I chose to interview the two leaders of the Help Force: Thuanthaijo and ROOBOO. It was an interview full of flavor, enthusiasm and fun.

Hello and thank you for accepting my invitation to this interview. Before starting, please introduce yourself in a few words 🙂

JO: I am Jo. I am tasty !
ROOBOO: Hi! I am ROOBOO. The 14 year old adorable girl ! Commander of the Force  
Tasty. interesting description :))) What is your favorite movie and why?
JO: That would have to be The Prodigy. I liked the cool effects and how the movie progresses kinda like a video game. Most of the bad guys can be classified as basic enemies and mini bosses. I also liked how unique some of the puzzles are.
ROOBOO: That’s a very insanely hard question to me but I loved many artistic movies like All the Harry Potter Movies, Pearl Harbor, The Godfather, The Good, The Bad And The Ugly, Good Fellas, Pulp Fiction, Inception, Intersellar, Die Hard, A Space Odyssey, Casablanca, Gladiator, Saving Private Ryan, Cast Away, The Social Network, Inglourious Bastards, Up, All Star Wars and Lord of the Rings Movies, Titanic, Ace Ventura (Both), Perfect Stranger (All), The Passion of the Christ, and way moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee… I’m also in love with sooo many horror, comedy, and cartoon movies. It’s literally so hard to say all, nearly impossible
The Godfather (1972) | ScreenRant
WOW, I just now found out about the existence of this movie JO 🙂 From what I see from the picture you sent, it’s a kind of Kung Fu Panda, right? And woow ROOBOO it can be seen that you like watching movies 🙂
JO: Yes but it’s far superior to Kung Fu Panda.
What other kind of movies do you like?
JO: I also like the bootleg version of The Prodigy called “Kung Fu Panda”. It may have good visuals but it’s a clear ripoff of the original. I did however enjoy the story as well as the tv spinoff.
Kung Fu Panda – Filme pe Google Play
ROOBOO: I’m that type of guy that appreciates all movies. I’m into all movies depending on the day and mood let’s say. I love all genres too, and I truly appreciate the artistry of cinema. Basically movies like The Grand Budapest Hotel, 1917, and more.
1917 (2019) - IMDb

Wow, Interesting. Can you describe a movie experience that had a significant impact on you?

JO: I think that would be Rio. I haven’t been significantly impacted by a movie but this one is a memorable one even though it’s been years since I’ve watched it. I just remember the dog drooling and a big parade.

Rio | Rotten Tomatoes

ROOBOO: Harry Potter man… One of them cases that u can’t judge without reading the books to it honestly. Anyone that thinks Harry Potter is about magic has not understood it. It’s all about love and sacrifice. I learned a lot and have experienced a lot seeing how as we progress through the movies, we learn that the purpose of our existence truly is all about love and its deepest level: sacrifice. In order to know that you must fight for the good, you must know that you’re doing it all for love. It gives me the chills every time knowing that as they develop, they realize that life gets more challenging and has very hard obstacles. Yet all saved by love and sacrifice.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001) - IMDb

Interesting. To be honest I haven’t seen Harry Potter because I heard a lot of bad opinions but you convinced me and JO you brought back memories 🙂 Related to Harry Potter. What would you recommend to people who have not seen the film to do before watching it?

ROOBOO: I’ll be honest. The movie is like 10% or less of the actual life of the story. It’s all in the books soooo… If ur interested in a glimpse of the depth of it, my recommendation is the first movies are an intro, but starting from the 5th (Order of the Phoenix) up till DH Part 2 is where the real deal is. You get to see how much they go through for the greater good. All because of their love and sacrifice.

Do you think movies influence in any way culture and society?

JO: Definitely. Many myths are spread by rumours and those things get passed down and become culturally known. Also, the exportation of movies has a massive impact on culture and society. It is one of the contributing factors to western culture being spread to the rest of the world

ROOBOO: Yes of course. Some movies are based upon history that represent culture and society, some movies influence generations to act certain ways, and some movies teach us to value aspects in life. It’s a very broad answer because every movie can spark a light inside one’s mind, heart, and soul to view life in different ways. The more influence a movie makes, the broader the outcome of society and cultural impacts.

Interesting point of view and to be honest with you I totally agree. What element of film making do you find most captivating – acting, directing etc.?

JO: Entertainment wise, it would have to be the story. In terms of what I find interesting technically, it would be the framing of shots and how they incorporate different camera angles, especially when they use unique camera angles in a way that works well

ROOBOO: I love all of it to be honest! I’ve been helping my friends out for all aspects… From the idea to writing to story boarding to directing to acting to editing and all! If I had to choose one to do, I’d choose acting! But when I watch a movie, I also admire all the work thought for and how the vision was implemented, etc…
Great. I think that a good story is the key to perfect movies. The last question: How do you share your passion for movies with others ?

JO: I hold them at gun point at force them to watch it. Unfortunately I haven’t done that since 1743, so I instead just discuss movies with people.

ROOBOO: I honestly am greatly influenced by my friends because some of my friends are directors and actors and I have lived to act and help out in various artistic short movies that have been represented in film festivals so I’d say… If I wanna share a passion: give it time. I love it when someone actually gives time to feel and understand something I share. I know the feeling when someone suggests something for me in general and truly wants me to feel, understand, or even know why they suggested it. So my way of sharing would always be to suggest something I may know they can like and to let them give it time 😀

I have never heard of this method before but you are you:) These were the questions. Thank you JO (TASTY) and ROOBOO (ADORABLE GIRL) for accepting this interview. You are AWESOME!

I hope you liked it, see you next time!

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