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Chocolate Cheaters

It was no coincidence that chocolate bunnies won the branch battle. They had been cheating, troop stealing, and being generally smelly all week long. The crimes of the chocolate bunnies will now be exposed.

At the cart surfer challenge, the chocolate bunnies attempted to rig the results.

As you can see, Choco tried to disqualify Mantiuxx, to rig the challenge in his favour.

This is not the only crime of the chocolate bunnies. They have also been blatantly troop stealing from the Help Force. At the branch battle, almost all of their troops were stolen from the Help Force.

As you can see, the only chocolate troops not stolen from the Help Force are Diamond and Elaina.

We will not stand for the chocolate team’s cheating and troop stealing. We will be reporting this to Club Penguin Armies, and they will be taking firm action against the Chocolate Cheaters.



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