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Double Trouble: Lisa and Neoblaze

Hello helpers!! Welcome to the latest edition of your favourite blog, Double Trouble. The series where Dhanush and PinguMaliz hunt out the besties of Help Force, interview them, and test how much they know about each other. For this week, we brought an incredibly troublesome and chaotic duo, Lisa and Neoblaze! Prepare yourselves for what is about to come…

Welcome to the Double Trouble Lisa and Neo!!

Neo: Welcome

Lisa: Hello Hello

It’s great to have you guys here.. How do you feel being here together?

Lisa: Not fun, He plans on exposing me or something and I am NOT looking forward to that. Also, hes an annoying idiot so thats also another negative point. I’m being held agaisnt my will fr (jk)

Neo: Can I get the free candy now? It’s still dark in here

Lisa: im sorry for you dhanush, ur interviewing one of the most unserious person ever

Neo: Just one person really, because the other is technologically challenged with her wifi

Lisa: im wifi challenged and ur mentally challenged, its okay

Neo: Hi wifi challenged and ur mentally challenged, its okay

LMAO😭💀 moving on.. Can you tell us how did you guys first met each other?? 

Lisa: I was dreading that question cos I honestly dont know how I met this insufferable thing. I remember him being around in hf and all way before but we didnt rlly know each other back then, I think later when he rejoined hf, me and monika used to have vc parties and he was there too so thats how it happened (i think)

Neo: I don’t think I remember meeting her for the first time, she was banned during my most active months of 2019 so I lived happy unaware of her existence. (good old days). 

After HF Exodus I eventually became less active (army hopped) but when I gradually returned to HF later on I guess I must’ve seen her in the chat at some point and wondered who let such a thing unsupervised. That is probably how the misfortunes began.

Oo that seems intresting..So what do guys think about the thing that attracted both of you to start up a conversation with each other? Or did it just naturally happen? And what do you mean she was banned do..tell us about that too..

Neo: You see, when you are dedicated to a community and are willing to be active in it, that means you’ll be interacting with everyone there. Naturally, that means you’ll also have to put up with certain people in the chat. I’ve been doing just that for 3 years. And now that has landed me here in this blogpost.

As for the banned part, I’ll leave that up to her (:

Lisa: CONVERSATION??? There was no conversation he would just straight up bully me in chat. Not even kidding I would be in chat and he would START ATTACKING ME FOR NO REASON. He still does that, someone needs to ban him or give him an everlasting mute fr. Other than that, as I said before, the vc parties were the only time where he was NOT bullying me or maybe it just happened naturally idk.

Also WDYM DO TELL US ABOUT THE BAN 😭 ask your ex leaders, they banned me for three months cos of a stupid reason 😡 😡 😡

Okay so you were just random active members that not wantingly ended up with each other..So is there anything you like and hate about each other?? And if there was one thing yall could change about the other person what would it be??

Lisa: Damn thats a deep question. I dont like anything and hate everything about him. Jk, He’s a good listener, lets me give him a life long trauma by trauma dumping, has good songs to recommend (sometimes), also gives great advices so thats rlly nice, its also fun to annoy hf mods w him. What do I hate about him? Everything else (sorry i cba typing a never ending list). And about the last part, idk what to change cos he would still be insufferable no matter what, ig I’d like to erase his memory of the weird stuff ive said, if not memory, i’d just delete his screenshot folder 🤩

Neo: Positive attributes: Easily targettable, has talent in art, programming and graphics so very fit to exploit as a hard working employee. First person i troopstole to [Redacted] so when I get caught all blame falls on her. She also does all the trolling and rulebreaking in HF so I don’t need to. Ideal candidate to blackmail for money with old screenshots when she gets famous. Ideal guinea pig for any kind of psychological experiment. She also possesses the ability to “slay” according to herself, what that means no one has any idea.

Negative attributes: The 2000 character limit of discord isn’t gonna do me justice here. Probably belongs in the hidden 10th circle of hell. 

What would I change about her? Her kidneys so I can sell them for some decent lucre. Just kidding, they probably don’t exist anymore 🍻. If I had to change one thing about her it’d probably to make her more assertive. I’m gonna pretend to type for about 10 more minutes to annoy dhanush more.


Wow that’s very very interesting 😭 so have you ever recommended series to one another and actually watched it? Which one among the duo is fav so far?


Alsooo, he made me watch Attack on Titan. It was great i loved it fr I even read the manga later cos there werent any more episodes released back then. Other than that He recommended FMAB (I didnt watch it cos i thought it was slow and my attention span gave up but i plan on watching it again someday idk) and Monster (I liked it but forgot to continue, will do it again someday fr 😭) There were more recommendations but i forgot them cos yes

Neo: I remember she once said something along the lines of “ANIME IS LAME AND I AM TOO COOL TO WATCH IT!!!111” [paraphrased]. So I forced her to watch Attack On Titan which is a very kid friendly show and definitely the very first anime you should recommend to outsiders. To her own surprise she liked it quite a lot. So following that I threw heaps of other anime recommendations at her, none of which she could actually watch without some subway surfers gameplay to assist her attention span. 

She also wouldn’t shut up about Stranger Things when its season 4 came out so reluctantly I watched it, and found it quite decent myself. There’s many other recommendations we have thrown at each other that we probably disregard about 5 seconds after we get them.

Ooh wow that’s very nice.. So the next question for yall is.. What is you favorite memory with each other In and Out HF..

Neo: To our readers out there, just know this is the 5th time she has disappeared from the interview because of her wifi. Which sucks because I was waiting for her to send first so I could copy and paste everything she listed

Lisa: IM SORRY MY WIFI DIED. No this time u have to send it first so i know if i have to be serious or not abt the question


Lisa: Wait, that is such a difficult question please idk how am i supposed to answer this 😭 

Uhh lets try listing them okay SO

– Ofc the vc parties where we spammed lyrics and pointed out each other when we sang the wrong lyrics with so much confidence each time. I still cant believe I sang Kiwi by Harry Styles wrong all the time 😭, 

– Then the time when I was watching AOT or he was watching Stranger Things and we ranted abt it to each other, 

– The never ending ok chains i guess,

– The funny stories and trauma dumping moments in Neotopia which is his secret army he created to take down hf, 

– Our tradition of annoying hf staff every chance we get frfr, 

– Him screaming at me for being idiotic and replying back to certain weirdos

– Asking for opinions abt my assignments wooo he helps alot 😭

– Random fights in chats that start for no literal reasons


– The time when he left discord for reasons but i guilt tripped him so hard he had to create an instagram account which later ended up in him coming back to this app bahahahaha 

– Random hindi word lessons or the hindi word fights. My fav word is samosa btw

There are so many more but I’m kinda tired and I think he should list the rest cos yes.

Neo: Since I’m being forced at gunpoint to answer this I supposed I have no choice but to write some slop about it. Some memories that I can think off the top of my head would be:

‣VC parties where we would spam lyrics while butchering them so badly you wouldn’t assume they were in English.

‣Acting like mature and well behaved adults by doing things like spamming the word “Ok” or just pings

‣Having fun with topical chat games, including and especially “Paranoia” or other games in general like skribbl, bomb party, etc. Which I usually win and then she gets mad saying “NO I WON! STOP THE COUNT!”

‣Speaking of games, trivias (:

‣Doing my rightful duty as a morally upstanding citizen of the motherland by exposing her grave sins to the populace

‣Live commentating while watching a TV show/anime

‣Overthrowing the government (don’t read too much into this)

‣When we are Mikeing all over the place

‣Talking about any topics at all, no matter how unamusing or how heavy or how mentally taxing (which this website very much is)

‣Just being terminally silly

Lisa: Bro my wifi died midway of typing let me edit ok. Also ty for the bullet points idea imma copy it

Neo: i will sue your ass for copying me


Your friendship is very admirable and honestly so fun haha.. So before we end Would you guys like to say expose anything to the readers??

Neo: hold on let me just upload this 1.2GB file to my drive so I can link it here

Lisa: NAH WHYD U ASK THAT HE HAS SM STUFF AND I HAVE NONE. i do have screenshots but theyre out of context, I’ll send anyways hold up. WAIT I FORGOT A VERY IMPORTANT MEMORY TOO


Somewhat of a clown





Lisa: this is probs never getting on the website

Neo: cancel lisa for saying slurs

Lisa: offtopic but i just found this

Neo: hax

Lisa u gotta try curry

Neo: Lisa u gotta try rat poison

Okay so lastly What message do you guys wanna share to our readers?

Lisa: .hangman movies


The blue whale is the largest living creature in the world as for now. It’s so huge in fact that even its anus can stretch upto a metre wide, which makes it the world’s second biggest asshole- right after the one reading this sentence.

Lisa: damn

i forgot my moron quote

neutron proton and moron

what was it

i found it

Scientists say the world is made up of protons, neutrons, and electrons. They forgot morons.

neo’s skribbl drawing 👍

Neo: why do you have that

Lisa: idk


Thank you both for this amazing interview!!

Woah, that was a lot to unpack, but an amazing interview indeed. We sure learned plenty about this very special duo. But do they really know each other? Well, there is only one way to find out. I am of course talking about the very accurate Double Trouble Friendship Test! It consists of 6 random multiple choice questions the interviewees first have to answer for themselves, and then what they think the other person said. Let’s start with finding out if Neo really is a true friend of Lisa. 

Is Lisa more of a morning or night person?

Lisa: theres no in between right? 😭night person

Neo: lisa is definitely a night owl because sleep is a new concept to her

Would Lisa rather never listen to music again, or never watch a movie/series again?

Lisa: never listen to music

Neo: not fully sure about lisa, but i’m gonna guess she might prefer to watch movies and shows 

What does Lisa like more, pasta, rice or potatoes?

Lisa: pasta

Neo: lisa has lesser taste in these matters so i think she’ll prefer pasta

Would Lisa rather have a food fight, snowball fight, or water fight?

Lisa: snowball fight

Neo: not sure about lisa but she might pick snowball fight because she lives in a desert

What superpower would Lisa rather have? Invisibility, teleportation, mind-reading, or time-travel?

Lisa: time travel

Neo: Lisa will probably pick time travel just so she could go back in time and fix some “mistakes” of hers

What would Lisa rather work as? Doctor, software developer, teacher, or chef?

Lisa: software developer

Neo: I think we both pick software development, lisa might prefer it because she’s good at it and she divorced the idea of doctor after school.

Wow, Neo got them all right! Will Lisa manage to do the same thing?

Is Neo more of a morning or night person?

Neo: definitely night, as is testified by my giant eyebags

Lisa: morning person

Would Neo rather never listen to music again, or never watch a movie/series again?

Neo: i’d forego the music, i can still enjoy the soundtracks of movies and shows

Lisa: neo would never watch a movie/series

What does Neo like more, pasta, rice or potatoes?

Neo: i’m genetically engineered to prefer rice. besides it also happens to be the more commonly usable ingredient here

Lisa: neo would say rice

Would Neo rather have a food fight, snowball fight, or water fight?

Neo: snowball fight because i’d rather not get fully soaked with  a water fight and especially not be covered in wet food in a food fight

Lisa: neo would say food fight i think

What superpower would Neo rather have? Invisibility, teleportation, mind-reading, or time-travel?

Neo: i’m gonna go with the more commonly picked option of time travel because I’d love to completely break the code of this universe and fuck things up for everyone

Lisa: neo would say invisibility

What would Neo rather work as? Doctor, software developer, teacher, or chef?

Neo: oh boy, none of those sound pleasant. I’m certain lisa hated this question. I think we both pick software development. I only prefer it because it’s easier compared to others, though I wouldn’t mind being a teacher either if I get to brainwash children into doing my bidding.

Lisa: neo would also say software developer

Neo: I realise i’m mostly giving the same answers on her behalf as mine but that could be because i’m projecting my own opinions to be the correct ones.

If I look too narcissistic for always choosing my own answers on her behalf, it’s because I am

Oh, it’s okay Lisa, getting 2 correct is still good! Due to Neo carrying, this duo ended up with a quite impressive score of 67 %! We hope that you’ve enjoyed this long and chaotic post and that we will see you next week when we get to know a new pair of HF besties!

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