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Original Stories – Visitor’s Edition

I’m writing this article from the comfort of my warm, cozy office on the top floor of the Staff Headquarters in Zipline. Well technically this is Nell’s old office and I broke into it but no one’s here so its mine for now. ANYWAYS, let’s talk about what the title means. Some people reached out to me saying they were tired of my far-fetched stories, so I decided to invite a guest writer for this Original Stories edition. She has written original stories for Club Penguin Army Hub, and she is none other than Bailey Bear! So I’ll take the backseat now and let her present her story:

Snowy quickly waddled into the Commander’s Lounge, practically bursting the doors down. “Guys GUYS!!! IT’S CHRISTMAS EVE!!!”

Ru jumps out of her chair and rushes over to Snowy squealing excitedly. “You know what that means??”

“Santa is coming!!!!!” The two yell excitedly and Snowy opens up plans for final decorations to put around the Help Force town while Ru and her speak rapidly about where to put up lights and stockings.”

“Okay, I’ll make the cookies! And,” RU gasps, “Do we have milk?? Joe run to the store and get some milk please! Oh and some carrots, for Santa’s reindeer.”

“I’m on it!” Joe yells back, saluting with his flipper, while putting on his coat and heading out the door to complete his quest of milk and carrots.

Wynn waddles over to Ru and Snowy, ‘I want to help!!!”

Snowy looks at Wynn up and down, “Hmmm, keep Racoco away from the cookies and milk, we don’t want him stealing them and ending us all on the naughty list.” A laugh washed over everyone in the command room.

“I should be able to handle that! Probably will only have a couple sore muscles from chasing him all day.” Wynn chuckled as he headed to give Racoco a warning about there being food he can’t eat. As Wynn walked out of the room, Ayan walked in. Ayan looked around a bit confused and concerned.
“What is all the excitement about?’ Ayan asked, seeing all of the hcom buzzing with energy normally only seen before a tournament battle, ‘Did I somehow miss an announcement about a battle or something?”

“It’s Christmas!!” Rooboo cheered as he cartwheeled into the room. “WOOOOO!!” Everyone laughed and let out a cheer in reply. “It’s also snowing like crazy outside.” Rooboo said shaking his head as snow fell to the floor”

Snowflake exclaimed “Oooooo I want to see!!!” as she ran out the door.

Scorp went over to Ayan, “We are preparing for Santa’s visit! We want everything to be perfect!”

Ru calls over her shoulder, “Scorp, can you send out an announcement for everyone to be asleep by midnight? Santa can’t come until everyone is sleeping.”

“Sure thing!” Scorp yells back and goes to leave the room to prepare the announcement, but is stopped by Ayan. “Need me to do something for you while I’m gone?” Scorp ask Ayan, confused as to why he was stopped.

Ayan looks at Scorp’s face trying to read his face, “Do you guys actually..believe in Santa?” Ayan whisper’s so the rest of the room can’t hear him.

Scorp looks shocked and now it is his turn to read Ayan’s face for a sign of joking. “Are you serious? Of course I believe in him… Don’t you?” Ayan shakes his head.

Maya walks up to Scorp and Ayan, “What are you guys chatting about? We need to be working to get everything ready for Santa.” Maya tells them excitedly.

Ayan groans, “You too?”

“What do you mean?” Maya looks at Ayan confused.

Scorp looks at Maya and Ayan “Ayan doesn’t believe in Santa.” He tells her.

A gasp falls over the room and everyone stops what they are doing to stare at Ayan.

“What?!?” Diwix yells as he is coming into the room.

Desireus stands up and walks over to Ayan, “You have to be joking, right? Right?!?!”

“Uh, no I’m not. Santa is just a fairy tale for little kids… I didn’t think any adults believed in him, especially not all of you.” Ayan looks confused how his entire team believes in such a thing.
“Where do you think all the presents are from then?” Snowy asked with an eyebrow raised.

“I figured it was probably just the mods, they’ve pulled off crazier stunts in the past,” Ayan answered.

“You know we make sure everyone is sleeping throughout the entire night every year when Christmas comes right?”

“No, I wasn’t aware of that most years I go to visit the allied towns” Ayan answers Snowy.

“Well I guess it’s time to figure out Santa does exist and we are gonna make it happen.”

“oh boy…”
Snowy calls Scorp over to the table where Ru and herself are standing. After a few minutes of whispering they turn around and Snowy announces, “This year you are gonna be so filled with Christmas spirit that you’ll never stop believing in Santa again!! And we are gonna make sure of that.”

“Come on, Ayan!” Scorp calls and pulls him out the Commander’s lounge. Outside the ground is covered in slow and beautiful decorations wrap around the street lights, the Christmas lights even seem excited to be turned on tonight. One would almost feel jealous of them for getting to see Santa each year, while everyone sleeps.
Scorp walks into the announcer stand and turns on the microphone, “Hello Help Force! Today is Christmas eve, which means everyone needs to finish all their shopping and preparing for Santa’s visit tonight. Remember to leave out milk and cookies and turn off your fireplace. Also this year will be the first time in a while that Ayan will be home for Christmas, so be sure to show up and show out so he can see how help force celebrates Christmas!! Signing off, Admiral Scorp.”

Grinning Scorp turns to Ayan, “Alright it’s time for some fun!!” He cheers dragging Ayan behind him once again.

After about a 30 minute waddle they reach the lake, except now the lake is frozen over and penguin’s from all ages are sliding across it. Laughter floods the area as everyone skates around. Even Ayan has to admit the only word to describe the feeling this gives him is, magical.

Scorp can tell his plan is working by Ayan’s face but then Ayan shakes his head and goes back to normal.

“Cool, a frozen lake, what’s so magical about that?” Ayan questions rolling his eyes as if he wasnt just almost sucked into believing.

“Come skating and let’s find out.” Scorp replies. And with that the two of them skate onto the ice. Scorp being a show off starts doing some tricks on the ice.

Ayan claps shaking his head. Next a young penguin slides onto the ice and starts copying Scorp.

Ayan seems shocked someone of this penguins age could skate like that. “How long have you been skating?” he ask the child.

“This is my first time skating!!” the child squeaks. “If you believe in Santa completely. You can skate on the lake easily this time of year.”

Ayan looks around and sure enough most the penguins are doing nearly impossible stunts. Ayan looks at Scorp “Okay so, MAYBE he is real. I’m still not fully convinced yet, though.”
Scorp laughs, glad the plan is working. “We’ll see about that! Come on!” Scorp pulls Ayan 40 mins to the Commander’s Kitchen where they find Ru hard at work making cookies and cocoa.

Ru squeals excitedly seeing them enter. “So have you started believing yet?”

“Slightly” Ayan answers and Ru claps excitedly.

“Try this and see if this pushes you to believe more.” Ru hands Ayan a fresh cup of cocoa.

“Thank you but I’m not really big on-” Ayan sees the look on Rus face and stops talking and sips from the cup.

As the cocoa melts into Ayan’s mouth his eyes widen. “How did you make this taste so…magical” that word again.

Ru smiles, “actually normally I’m not great at making cocoa, but the Christmas spirit makes sure I make everything perfectly everytime.”

Ayan searches her face for a sign of a joke, but finds nothing. “Okay so what about the camera, surely a town camera would have captured Santa atleast once.”

Scorp shook his head, “That’s the thing every year the cameras shut off on their own and all you can hear is bells and rustling. Once the camera comes back on the only thing left is presents and reindeer tracks.”

“You won’t see Santa unless he wants you to see him” Ru adds.

The clock in the kitchen dings.

“10pm, 2 hours left until he will be here.” Ru says, walking back to the oven and pulling out Christmas cookies.

Scorp looks over at Ayan, “Do you believe yet?”

Ayan sits in silence for a few seconds thinking. “…Well after everything you’ve shown and told me I dont know how I couldn’t believe you. So, yes I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I believe in Santa.”
Scorp and Ru cheer.

“Come on we gotta get to the Hcom Christmas party!” Scorp yells and pulls Ayan with him to the lounge.

“I’ll be there soon!” Ru calls after them laughing.

The lounge is decorated ceiling to floor in gorgeous decorations. As they walk in the room the rest of Hcom see them and yell “Merry Christmas!!”

Don’t forget to DM SPAM BaileyBhaloo#6428 on Discord thanking her for the story submission, she LOVES getting spammed. I’m serious, she really loves it and she’ll be sad if she doesn’t get any DMs :((

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