Hola Helpers! On November 13th, we finally had another Gameday event! It’s been quite a while since we inducted another Gameday Champion haha. Read below to find out more about the event and the winners of the Vogue Fantaisie event. A huge thanks to Ru for leading the ausia!

MAX: 35+



Today’s Gameday was divided into two parts, the AUSIA Fashion Show and the EU/US Treasure Hunt. The winners of both of the events will receive the Gameday Champion medal! We had x rounds in today’s fashion show, and here are the winning entries:

Round One: What If You Were Going On A Date With A Pirate

1st Place: Plotter

A pretty mermaid for a gross pirate

2nd Place: Kiiee

Lookin like a real pirate goth gf

Round Two: Ho Ho Ho It’s Christmas

1st Place: Snowflake

Christmas Cutie

2nd Place: Barnito

Christmas Cutie Too

Round Three: If You Were Elp’s Slave

1st Place: Diwix

Elp’s Squid Slave

2nd Place: Desireus

The Slave From Elp’s Mines


Round Four: Impersonating A Commander

1st Place: Plotter


2nd Place: Barnito


Round Five: Help There’s A Penguin Holding A Gun To My Head Asking For My Stamps

1st Place: Sirius

2nd Place: Alex

Congratulations to all the winners and I hope you enjoyed the event! Make sure to attend the EU one now! 😀

Scorpion Demon

Help Force Marshal

13 Responses

  1. plotter12
    I attneded!! thanks for the great fun <3

  2. Diwix
    Expert Moderator
    I attended

  3. Penguin: SIriusBIack3
    Discord: SiriusBlack
    rank: brigadier
    Awesome eventtt :)) and congrats for the winners

  4. Rank: Brigadier
    I attended uwu

  5. my penguin is:nezuko887
    rank: sergeant
    It was a really fun event!!

  6. Kabbyaarko
    Elite Helper

  7. Swager’s Alt (Pragya)

  8. Archana#9344
    Brigadier <33

  9. Desireus#3109
    Great event! Thank you to all who came!

  10. Vixx#1759
    It was a nice event, thank you!! (:

  11. Mandal
    Rank: OG
    Sick event :thumbsup:

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