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Hello Helpers!!! Welcome back to another edition of Food for Every Soul, a series by myself where I interview people from Help Force about their favorite and famous recipes! For this post, I decided to interview the helpful, energetic, sweet HF Commodore WiminHolo!!!

I started off by asked him some questions about this recipe!

Hi Wimin! Thank you for joining us today for an interview! Can you tell us what recipe you will be talking about today?

Wimin: The recipe I am going to be talking about is garlic creme soup. It’s a very appetizing dish especially if you practice fasting, it’s a really great choice to have this as a side dish!

Easy Cream of Garlic Soup - My Gorgeous Recipes

Why is this recipe important to you, is it a family recipe, or any history/story behind it?

Wimin: My family often cooks this during a holiday sometimes during winter because it’s a hot dish. I initially hated cooking because of the association that cooking is for girls, which mindset I don’t agree with at all. Through a videogame I found my love for cooking, and this recipe is the best one I can make so far.

Next comes the best part the Recipe!!! (As described by Wimin)

Garlic Cream Soup

» First you will need a dish filled with water and meat (either chicken or cow meat) to prepare the broth with salt on it.

» For the cream part, 4 garlic pieces mashed with salt, 4 soup spoons of flour, 1 egg, 4 spoons of yoghurt cream, and mix them together until they are one.

» Optionally you can add a teaspoon of vinegar if you like it more sour.

» Once the broth is hot enough, pour the garlic cream on the broth and keep mixing until it boils.

» You can add more water if the soup is too thick, make sure it is cold water though.

» Once it is done, pour it on a plate, prepare butter with red pepper, pour it on top of the soup, and spread it to give it a nice color and texture (kinda like a planet)

Cream of Garlic Soup {Vegan} | The Infinebalance Food Blog

Do you have any tips or tricks on making it or why people may like this recipe, or any memories from it?

Wimin: The best tip I give to my parents is to add more yoghurt cream, so the soup really is a creme soup. We like this recipe because garlic is a must for us in every dish. Besides that, garlic is healthy for you and this soup doesn’t leave the bad breath from garlic as mashing garlic does the trick. I do enjoy this food especially when I am sick, as it’s easy to eat and helps me recover faster.

Thank you for sharing this yummy recipe with us Wimin!

Wimin: No problem! Not recommended if you are a vampire or allergic to garlic! 


And with that everyone, we’ve reached the end of the post! We know you wanted to read more xD but I will be back next time with more fresh and delicious content!!!


If anyone would like to share a recipe with us, DM me with your ideas!!

Bon Appetit! <3

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