[SATIRE] Totally Legit Interviews Special SUS Edition

Welcome to the second edition of Totally Legit Interviews, which is indeed a Special SUS Edition. The topic is exactly what it says in the title: a completely legit, unedited interview with the legendary SUS Queen who says she never has gotten bullied and would like to get bullied anytime. Hope you enjoy it!

The SUS Queen? You must be thinking who that is, wondering how a person would reach such sus heights to be rewarded with such a title. It is none other than our very own Maya!

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Hi everyone! On Friday Helpers logged onto CPR for an animal-themed event, wearing all sorts of animals costumes! We had great formations and tactics practice at Town, Night Club and Docks, which were followed by a fun hide and seek game! Thank you all for coming and Maya, Snowy, ROOBOO, Snowflake and Vixx for leading!

MAX: 35+ 

Comment below if you attended the event!

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Hello Helpers! On Wednesday we logged onto CPR to promote eco-lifestyle with Green Recycling Shirts! We did amazing tactics at Town, Docks and Beach followed by a thrilling fashion show! Congratulations to all the winners and thank you Maya, Snowy, Diwix and Beasto for leading!

MAX: 23+ 

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Hello Helpers! We know that nobody is looking forward to school starting soon but there’s one thing we love and that’s SHOPPING 😀 Even buying school supplies is fun! So we logged on CPRewritten today to waddle around, do some shopping and have fun with the new slides while doing tactics and formations! Thank you Maya, Desireus and Yoda for leading and thank you all for attending!

MAX: 25+

Comment below your thoughts if you attended the event!

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Hello there amazing Helpers! Today we logged on Ascent of club penguin rewritten for a Boom Box party event, We did some wonderful tactics and formations in town and then in night club led by Maya, Ru and Snow. it was followed by an amazing Roblox event led by Desireus! Thank you all for attending 😀 until Next time!

MAX: 34+

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Hello lovely Helpers! Today we logged on to Ascent on Club penguin rewritten to enjoy the amazing music jamming party!! Everyone brought their favourite Instrument and chanted various Tactics with amazing Formations led by SnowyMaya, Rooboo, Phoenix, Alex and Joe! Also huge thank you to all the helpers who attended, Great Job everyone! 😀 

MAX: 31+

Comment below if you attended the event!

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Hello Helpers! Today we logged on to Club Penguin Rewritten Ascent Town for a fun Beach party! We had amazing tactics and formations led by Rooboo, MayaAlex and Mandal . After that, we organised a Fashion Show for all our Fashion Divas where everyone came with their most exquisite outfits. 😀 Thank you all for attending! See you next time, Helpers!

MAX: 36+

Comment Below if you attended!

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Hey Helpers! Today we logged onto Server – Zipline on CP Rewritten for a Watermelon themed event, in our new edition of the special Gameday that we do in HF! Led by Ru, Maya, Wynn, Amy and Desireus, it was evidently filled with many fruit-related tactics as well as ones related to Harry Styles. After practising quite some formations, with emotes and tactics, we all got to participate in a Dance Contest on CP Rewritten following it! Until next time Helpers, and see ya all for sure at the Semi-Finals this Sunday in the Legend’s Cup against Ice Warriors!

Max: 44+

Comment below if you attended the event!!

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Greetings Everyone! Today we logged onto CPR for an army training, Operation Spirit! We did some excellent tactics and formations at Town, Stadium and Snow Forts. Thank you for leading Snowy, Maya, Desireus and Absolute! Good job Helpers, the Semifinals are approaching fast!

MAX: 43+

Comment below if you attended the training!

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Hey Helpers! Today we all logged onto Server – Ascent on CP Rewritten for another but amazing U-Lead event, themed around being miners. Organized by Maya and Snowy, everyone who submitted their CPR username in #u-lead got to lead the entire event for a bit and it was real fun once again seeing troops lead well and enjoy with unique tactics and quite some formations! Until next time comrades, and please do come for the Quarter-Finals of the Legend’s Cup in 3 days to help us all win!

Max: 42+

Comment below if you attended the event!

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