Hello Spooky Helpers! Today we celebrated our 6th day of our Holiday Theme week with Halloween! We logged onto CPABattleground and dressed up in our favorite Halloween Costumes! We went around the island and doing scary and spooky Halloween tactics with emotes, and even had a Fashion Show with rounds themed for Halloween! Thank you Snowflake and Beasto for leading this event, hope everyone enjoyed the spooky Day!

Max: 23


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Pirates Fashion Contest – Results

ZIPLINE, Scorpion Demon’s Office – On January 10th, I started a Pirates Fashion Contest for the benefit of the troops. The CPR team had launched a catalogue extensively filled with Pirate costumes. That was the simple reason behind the hosting of the contest.

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Hola Helpers! On November 13th, we finally had another Gameday event! It’s been quite a while since we inducted another Gameday Champion haha. Read below to find out more about the event and the winners of the Vogue Fantaisie event. A huge thanks to Ru for leading the ausia!

MAX: 35+

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