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Pirates Fashion Contest – Results

ZIPLINE, Scorpion Demon’s Office – On January 10th, I started a Pirates Fashion Contest for the benefit of the troops. The CPR team had launched a catalogue extensively filled with Pirate costumes. That was the simple reason behind the hosting of the contest.

Now, the contest had three categories, and there were three winners set to be announced for each category. The categories were:

1. Best Help Force Themed Pirate

2. Best Dressed Captain

3. Best Crew Member

The contest saw a massive amount of submissions, which eventually resulted in the requirement for a judging team. The team was chosen randomly with people from the Staff and Junior Staff team. And after a long and extensive debate, we have finally reached to a conclusion about the winners. Sincerest apologies for the delay, it was just very hard to judge as there were so many great entries.

1. Best Help Force Themed Pirate

First Place: WiminHolo#5278

Second Place: Awesomeinvader101#9772

Third Place: h۵pe#9765

2. Best Dressed Captain

First Place: Vixx#1759

Second Place: RAMsomware#3428

Third Place: Dhanush#4629

3. Best Crew Member

First Place: stemv#7829

Second Place: Awesomeinvader101#9772

Third Place: gamerrichi#2515

All of the wonderful entries surely motivated everyone! I hope you had fun with this contest. Thank you so much for your participation, and stay tuned for the next contest to be announced soon!

Scorpion Demon

Help Force Admiral

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