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PokéStaff: Pokédex Entry #1

PokéStaff is a series of posts that will revolve around the theme of the popular video game/ anime Pokémon. Have you ever wondered which Pokémon you are? Of course, everyone has. And some of us have even found the answer to that question. The next question level of that question would be, which pokemon are the Help Force staff members? I will be answering that very question in this post! Please keep in mind that I have assigned pokemon to the people depending on their nature and not the Pokémon’s power.

Ayan – Arceus

I will be starting with Ayan, the creator of the Help Force army and current Commander. He has led the army on countless occasions, achieving success and bringing new things every time. Moreover, he is a well known figure in the army community, having served under several powerful positions. This includes being the CEO of Club Penguin Army Media. Taking all of his achievements, power, and creator status in consideration, we can safely say that Ayan would be Arceus. Arceus is the all-powerful creator of the Pokeverse, with legends claiming it was born before the universe itself. Thus, Arceus is a perfect match for Ayan.

Elp – Hoopa

Hoopa, in both bound and unbound form, is the literal incarnation of Elp in Pokémon. Why? Because Hoopa loves causing chaos and playing pranks on unsuspecting people. After its pranks, Hoopa takes much delight in the confusion of its victims, and later asks them if they enjoyed the pranks. It is not satisfied until they respond positively. Oh and it can take on anything and everything when unchained- in the movie it had no trouble fending off six legendary pokemon at once.

Joe – Articuno


This one was a no-brainer, as we all have seen Joe with his Articuno profile pic that he keeps on majority of the time. Moreover, Articuno suits his calm, chill personality, as well as his resilience and ability to get things done. 

Jayden – Empoleon

Empoleon – the third and final evolution stage of the Sinnoh water type starter Piplup. It is a perfect match for Jayden, as Jayden is nothing other than a big, fat, stinky penguin. Just kidding, Empoleon’s royal aesthetic and pride, while at the same time being fun to be around is what leads to this association. Also, Jayden doesn’t hesitate in taking on challenging situations, similar to Empoleon.

ROOBOO – Pikachu

Rooboo is one of the most kind and gentle people you’ll ever meet. He has a charming, magnetic personality – and the Electric type Pikachu is a perfect match for him! Alongside being equally cute and adorable, both Pikachu and Rooboo can pull off some powerful moves on demand. Pikachu, especially in the series, is always high spirited and energetic, just like Rooboo. Also, Rooboo is famous for using this emote too many times, slightly reminiscent of a Pikachu:

Beasto – Infernape

Infernape has always been a legend among both anime and game fans. Why? Because of its extreme resilience and endurance in high pressure battles. Infernape has ridiculously high motivation and willpower to keep grinding and reaching its goal, much alike our beloved General Beasto, who dominated the GOTW roles among many other things for several weeks, and made a name for himself as a top recruiter in HF. Also, both Beasto and Infernape are monke lol.

Vixx – Victini

It was incredibly hard to allocate a Pokémon to Vixx. She’s a nice, gentle person, but at the same time she isn’t a total bore and loves having fun so much that being around her often results in an enjoyable time. Like Vixx, Victini is a bit shy and only truly reveals itself to people it trusts. Its temper flares up if it feels the need to defend its friends. Victini is known as the victory pokemon – if a trainer has Victini then they are guaranteed to win every battle no matter the type of encounter they face.

Phoenix – Moltres

Do I even have to explain this one? XD its obvious that Phoenix would be Moltres. Moltres is nothing other than the Pokemon version of a phoenix, and Phoenix’s and Moltres’ characters match a lot. Like just look at her status:

Diwix – Zamazenta/Krookodile

Diwix is slightly different from the rest of the staff members; tough to classify as a single pokemon. He is competitive, a well known recruiting god with one of the most impressive recruiting records in HF and amazingly high endurance as a recruiter. Moreover, he actively participates in everything and is energetic, working tirelessly and sometimes sleeplessly to make HF a better place for us. He pays attention to everyone, and interacts with them to make sure they aren’t left out. Zamazenta, the one of the legendary pokemon duo of Sword and Shield, is much similar to Diwix in these aspects. It protects the Galar region from danger, and is known to fight battles with all of its might. It is competitive and resilient like Diwix.


However, Diwix also has a fun side, and is known to make jokes and keep snarky statuses. This aspect of his personality resonates with Krookodile, a Dark type Pokemon that resembles a crocodile.

Yoda – Wartortle

Yoda is one of the most hardworking staff members. But at the same time, he is fun to be around and loves hanging out with his friends. Thus, he resembles the water type pokemon Wartortle, who often move around in groups. Wartortles are strong and do not budge despite facing stronger opponents. Yoda is a quick learner and adapts easily, just like Wartortle. And finally, while Yoda has reached staff ranks he still has a lot more potential in him, a lot more to learn so he will finally evolve into the mega powerful Blastoise.

Amelia – Gardevoir

Amelia is matched up with Gardevoir because of her natural gracefulness and powerful aura. Her personality is of a person who is dignified, but also fun at the same time. Thus, the powerful, regal psychic pokemon Gardevoir is a perfect match for her.

Snowflake – Glaceon

Glaceon – the beautiful ice type pokemon that produces fresh powder snow with its mere presence. Snow is one of the purest people you’ll ever meet – she is kind and polite with everyone, and is always fun to be around. But she can also be dangerous when needed, just like Glaceon.

That sums up our PokeDex entries for this post! Come back next week to find out the rest of the entries and the staff members which are remaining. For now, unleash the power of helping comrades!

Scorpion Demon

HF Marshal | Senior Blogger


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  1. my favorite pokémon is Baldorfisch

  2. I think it’s quite obvious I’m Keldeo

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