CP Knowledge: Puffle Rescue

Welcome to another post of the series CP Knowledge. This is a series where I will talk about every single minigame on Club Penguin, continuing today with Sled Racing. The posts include how you play the game, its history, trivia, and a personal review of the game! Hope you enjoy it!


Puffle Rescue is a single-player minigame at the Mine. As the name suggests, the game’s objective is to rescue puffles. The game has three modes – Ice Levels, Cave Levels, and Underwater Levels. The Puffle Rescue Board is the main menu of the game. It shows instructions and has three pictures of puffles pinned to it. The blue puffle is trapped in the arctic, the pink puffle in the mines, and the black puffle is underwater. You move around using the arrow keys. 

   In the Ice Levels, the penguin walks on moving or still ice bricks floating on water to rescue 1 – 3 blue puffles. Some of the bricks crack after a little while, so don’t stand on them too long! The puffles are found on platforms that are also used as checkpoints. If the penguin falls into the water, you’ll lose a life. There are also a few coin bags that are hidden among small puzzles.

   Instead of ice bricks, the Cave Levels feature crates and moving minecarts for the penguin to walk on. If a crate is not barricaded, don’t stand too long on it! There are also bats that will pick you up. Falling off a minecart, crate or getting hit by a snowball from a cannon will result in the loss of one life. Some of the levels also have a secret path you have to walk right out in the void that leads to a coin bag

   When playing the Underwater Levels, the penguin swims from different platforms. If you stay underwater too long, the penguin will sink and you’ll have to start over. There are also octopi that sting you if you get too close, making you lose a life. The coin bags are either on hidden paths or float by the main path. 


There are four different types of creatures seen in Puffle Rescue.


Bats are helpful creatures that start appearing in level 6 of the Cave Levels. If the penguin stands on an orange spot, a bat will come and pick them up. You can steer the bat using the arrow keys. Aim for the next orange spot. Managing to get there safely will make the bat drop you off. If you hit something you’ll fall into the abyss, and hence lose a life. Not much is known about bats, but it’s strange that they exist on Club Penguin, as they tend to like warmer climates. There was also batmobile in Gary’s Room, when you clicked on it, a text would pop up and say “This looks like some kind of fox, but it’s flying!”. That indicates that Club Penguin’s species of bats are flying foxes. I definitely knew that flying foxes aren’t actually flying foxes


Shocktopi are your enemies in the Underwater Levels. They move in side-to-side or box patterns and send out an electric charge whenever a penguin approaches. Getting too close will cause the penguin to lose a life. However, if the penguin touches the border while getting shocked, they will not lose a life. Shocktopi are the only non-existent animal in Club Penguin, besides puffles. It seems to be an evil creature as it smiles every time it shocks a penguin. This type of octopus appears to have evolved from spraying ink to having a more effective defence – a powerful electric force field -, although octopi do not release any form of electricity in real life. 


Sharks appear in the Ice Levels of Puffle Rescue. They go across the icy platforms eating up all the ice in their path, and leaving a trail of deadly water. They usually move around the edges, but can sometimes make sudden turns and surprise you. If a penguin touches a shark or stands on an ice block when a shark destroys it, they will lose one life. 


The Giant Squid is a dark shadow that appears in the first level of the Underwater Levels. The Giant Squid will swim by and leave a trail of bubbles. The penguin has to bounce on those bubbles and go after the squid until they reach a coral reef. The penguin can then stop following the Giant Squid and head down the staircase leading to the Underwater room. After you get the Moss Key from the Underwater room, you will no longer be able to see the Giant Squid in Puffle Rescue. 


Puffle Rescue was released on March 15, 2010. If you know your Club Penguin history, you’ll say “Hmm that’s like two months after Club Penguin’s rockslide”. Okay, you probably won’t, but if you did – congrats! You are correct. There was a rockslide spotted on January 8, 2010. A week later the rockslide had changed – a big rock was seen on the top. If you hovered your mouse over it, the rock would fall and reveal a hole leading to an unexplored cave. Another week later, the Cave Expedition started, allowing penguins access to three new rooms – the Cave Mine, the Hidden Lake, and the Underwater room. The Expedition lasted between January 22 and 28. As the result of another rockslide, the caves were sealed off and deemed too dangerous to try and visit. The rooms, however, were re-opened on March 15 and Puffle Rescue came out the same day. 

   The puffles in Puffle Rescue are stuck there as a consequence of the rockslide. 


Puffle Rescue has the most number of stamps in all of Club Penguin, with as many as twenty-seven! There are four easy stamps, eleven medium ones, nine that are hard, and three of the difficulty extreme. If you have ever managed to get all of these stamps only one thing can be said –  get a life good job!




  • The Cave Expedition was Club Penguin’s first expedition. 
  • The Giant Squid in Puffle Rescue swims a lot slower and gentler than the one in Aqua Grabber. This led some to believe that there was more than one Giant Squid in Club Penguin.
  • The Giant Squid may also be named Kraken, as its sprite name is called Kraken
  • The Giant Squid is a real aquatic species
  • Both stamps Cave Coins and Cave Coins Plus have the same icon. 
  • A large Shocktopus with tusks appeared frozen in a wall in the Ice Cave during the Mountain Expedition and the Great Snow Race.
  • The game is featured on four different Card-Jitsu power cards. They are named Puffle Rescue, Puffle Rescue: Underground, Puffle Rescue: Ice Floes, and Puffle Rescue: Underwater. 
  • In Puffle Rescue, sharks can break through ice, although in reality, they cannot. 


Going straight to the point, this game deserves a 10/10. I loved this game and although I don’t play as much Club Penguin as I used to, I still love the game. The Cave Levels have always been my favourite and I knew all of the secret paths by heart. For some reason, I used to be incredibly scared to play the Underwater Levels. It might have been because I didn’t like when the penguin would just sink into the water and disappear more and more for every second that passed, but I honestly don’t know. The game has a lot of content and a lot of stamps, making it quite hard to complete the game fully. It’s not that kind of game you just play a few times and then you’re done. Because in order to earn all the stamps, you need dedication.

   On a quite unrelated note, I have found a new favourite word – Shocktopi, ain’t it amazing? Also, I got some news, CP Knowledge is now a weekly series!

Did I miss anything? What do you think of Puffle Rescue? Comment below!

That’s all for me today, hope you enjoyed the post! See ya next time!


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