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Hello Helpers! Introducing a new series, The Dynasty Talk! Grab your popcorn, and enjoy the newest edition of the series! Dynasties are basically the old staff/non-staff members of Help Force who’ve contributed a lot to the Army. This is where we interview them and ask them fun questions about the army, their contributions, and some of their personal life stuff. There are tons of people in the Help Force who have contributed a lot. Today I introduce to you, Marshmallow!

Marshmallow is an ex-Marshal (4ic) of the AUSIA Timezone! He has been in Help Force for almost one and a half years. Marsh served in the army as a staff member for a whole year. He also has a lot of fascinating interests, read the interview to know which they are!


Slush: Hey Marsh! 

Marsh: Hey Slush

Slush: How’re you doing dumbmallow? 

Marsh: ONLY BARN CALLS ME THAT and good thanks

Slush: Nah I’ll call you that because you’re dumb :> anyways let’s start with the questions, shall we?  

Marsh: Oh sure

Slush: Alright so first off, when did you join Help Force? 

Marsh: Almost 1 and a half years ago :huehue~1:

Slush: Oh that seems like a long time grandpa marsh, how did you get dynasty? (I already know that it’s just so that the helpers know)

Marsh: I got dynasty by being cool, Just kidding, I got it by being staff and retiring and I have retired 3 times since getting mod :Cool:

Slush: You retired 3 times? Damn, what’s the reason for your retirement? 

Marsh: Personal Reasons

Slush: Ah I see, alright, what are some of the hobbies you’ve picked up during quarantine? 

Marsh: Sleeping

Slush: Oh well that’s an amazing hobby, do you do that all day? 

Marsh: Yes :creepysmile_SAE:

Slush: Awesome, I’m very impressed by this hobby of yours, maybe I should give it a try someday, anyways when did you get promoted to staff? 

Marsh: April 15th 2020

Slush: I remember seeing you as a general in training when I first joined HF, watching how you hosted segments/events is what encouraged me to go for staff. Alright so, do you have any unforgettable moments in HF? 

Marsh: Yeah well I invited you when I was in training :hell~1: Unforgettable hmm, the best moments might be being staff, it was great and when I got promoted too 😀

Slush: Yep that’s definitely something unforgettable, I agree with you! I’m pretty sure you liked playing CPR, can you name some of the fun games you absolutely enjoyed playing? 

Marsh: Aqua Grabber, played that game a lot and I loved it except for the puffer fishes in it. I hope they die :meh~1:

Slush: Haha I know right, the pufferfishes are so annoying, I enjoyed playing aqua grabber as well, mostly because I had no coins, and aqua grabber gives like tons of coins. Okay so, who’s a staff member you looked up to the most back when you were a mod?

Marsh: Barn helped me a lot, he trained me from General In Training to Marshal and still talks to me so yep it’s barn 😀

Slush: Nice. Do you listen to music very often? What kind is your favorite? 

Marsh: Yes I do, I listen to many but One Direction >>> :SmilingWithHearts:

Slush: Oh yes I enjoy listening to 1D, who’s your favorite member? :O

Marsh: Love all of them but favorite member is Harry Styles :luv::Harry:

Slush: Ah that’s nice, my favorite member is Niall Horan, do you remember the first event you attended in HF? 

Marsh: Nope I would be surprised if anyone does :haha~1:

Slush: Hahahaha you might’ve attended way too many events that you forgot which your first event was. Now for the final question, would you like to say something to the helpers reading this?

Marsh: Hmm, #MarshOnBoyMod

Slush: No. #MarshOnGirlMod. Thank you for joining me today dumbmallow, hope you have a grape day! 

Marsh: You too :>


Thank you for your time, Marsh! and thank you Helpers for reading! That marks the end of today’s edition of the Dynasty Talk. Hope everyone has learned something new about Marsh and don’t forget to say hi when you meet him in chat! Feel free to leave some comments and see you all next week, Helpers!


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