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[INT] Ball Cap Takeover

Howdy Folks! Today we logged onto CPR for another fun event! We wore blue ball caps and did a bunch of amazing tactics at Stadium, Iceberg, and Beach led by Amy, Snowy, Nell, and Slush! Thanks, you all for coming, it was an amazing event, keep up the good work!

Max: 48+


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The Dynasty Talk – Marshmallow


Hello Helpers! Introducing a new series, The Dynasty Talk! Grab your popcorn, and enjoy the newest edition of the series! Dynasties are basically the old staff/non-staff members of Help Force who’ve contributed a lot to the Army. This is where we interview them and ask them fun questions about the army, their contributions, and some of their personal life stuff. There are tons of people in the Help Force who have contributed a lot. Today I introduce to you, Marshmallow!

Marshmallow is an ex-Marshal (4ic) of the AUSIA Timezone! He has been in Help Force for almost one and a half years. Marsh served in the army as a staff member for a whole year. He also has a lot of fascinating interests, read the interview to know which they are!

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[AUSIA] The Great Theft Mission One

Hello Helpers! Today we logged onto CPR for the first Mission of The Great Theft Robbery! Our aim is to sneak out and rob the island of its valuables! What will we do with the money? Read the post carefully for a clue! Thank you so much for leading, Wynn, Slush and ROOBOO and thank you everyone for helping with the robbery! Good job!

Max:  49+

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Hey Helpers! Today we logged on to Club Penguin Rewritten for an amazing event! We had fun with tons of beautiful formations, tactics and emotes. The rooms we used were Town, Iceberg, and the coffee shop! The event was led by Rooboo, Amy, Snowy and Slush. Thank you for coming Helpers! See you guys at the next event! 

MAX: 40+

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[AUSIA/EU/INT] Operation: Heist

Greetings Helpers! Today we logged on to CPRewritten for a marvelous event! We did loads of fun tactics, emotes and formations. The event was led by Nell, Slush and Ru! Fantastic job today helpers!

MAX: 53+ 

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Hey Helpers! Today we logged on to CPRewritten for some battle training! We did fun tactics, emotes, and beautiful formations! The Event was led by Slush, Skillz, Ru and Joe! Amazing Job today helpers! See you all at the battle! 

MAX: 40+

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[INT] The Come Back Event

Howdy Helpers! This Sunday we logged onto CPR for an international event! We saw a great max and did many very decent tactics at Docks, Iceberg and Cove. The event was led by Nell, Slush and Rooboo! Thank you everyone for sharing this amazing time with us and see you next time!

Max: 49+

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[AUSIA/EU INT] Army Training

Hello Helpers! Today we logged on to CPR for a wonderful event! We did a lot of fun tactics, emotes and beautiful formations! The event was led by Chloe, Slush, and Rainbow! Thank you everyone for coming! Great job at the event today!

MAX: 28+ 

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Greetings everybody! We logged to CPR today to have some army training and play Find Four together! We did some tactics at Snow Forts, Docks and finally Iceberg. Thanks to Ru, Rainbow and Slush for leading!

MAX: 27+


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