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What’s up fellow “Slitherins”? I’ve just stumbled upon a blog post while playing Make sure to read till the end for a cookie.

What is is a game that blew up about 4 years ago. Although it still has its charm to this day.

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How do I play it?

To play on a computer or a laptop, just run over to Google Chrome. Look up “”, click on the first search result. Voila! You’re in.


To play on a mobile phone or tablet, use Google Play Store or the App Store depending on your device. - Apps on Google Play Gameplay

What’s the purpose of this game? 

In this game, the sole purpose is to appear on the Top 10 leaderboard while mastering the movements of your “snake-like character”. You have to eat up these “glowing particles” which act as food. Try not to hit the other snakes’ body parts with your own head/face, as doing it will lead to losing the game. The challenge is to not die and make it to the leaderboard. There is a tactic you could use when you get long enough to circle another snake, after doing so, try to circle around the body until the other snake eventually gives up and hits its head against your body. Eat all its particles up.

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Circling Tactic in

Can I customize my character? 

Of course, you can select from a variety of skins or make your own from the start-up screen. You can also find their social media, and you can change your names.

How to Build a Slither in 7 Steps (with Pictures) Snake Custom Skin Screen


That’s all there is to it. If you enjoy, don’t forget to leave a comment. I’m always here to read your Slither stories. Keep slitherin’ till you can! You might even break a world record!

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