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[EU] Operation: Valencia

Hey Helpers! Today the EU division logged onto CPR for an Operation! The Operation went successfully and was full to the brim with bombs, switches, formations, tactics & a fatal four! The rooms included The Iceberg, Docks & Ice rink. These were lead by Nelly, Hagrid & Hannah. Good Job Helpers!

Max: 24+

Make sure you comment below for points!

Thanks for attending, we hope to see you again!
Unleash The Power Of Helping!

21 Responses

  1. Attended!

  2. Attended!

  3. I was there!

  4. messed up near the end but we made it work, i guess XD

  5. Attended

  6. Attended

  7. attended

  8. Attended

  9. Attended

  10. Attended

  11. I attended!

  12. I attended. Maybe we didn’t get promos but we still had a kick ass event!

  13. I attended 🙂

  14. Was there for all three rooms. Give me my rightful role pls idc abt points

  15. attended

  16. i attended (:

  17. no points just roll

  18. I attended

  19. Attended!

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  21. […] this was the [EU] Operation Valencia. It was hosted by Nell, Hagrid, and Hannah with a max of […]

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