Hello Helpers! After another week of events, we logged on to CPATG – Alaska for our branch battle! Team Fire took a pretty good turn by defeating Team Water 3-2. The battle went well with amazing tactics and formations.

MAX : 27+

Comment if you came for points!

Room 1: Clothes Shop A sharp entrance from Team Water saw them form a powerful formation which cut through Team Fire’s shape. Good quality tactics from both sides in this room but Water edged it overall.

Room 2: Ski Village Team Fire woke up in this room, with a better formation and quicker tactics than Team Water. Their overall variety was matched by TW but their choice of formations meant that they equalled the scores after two rooms.

Room 3: Dance Club The lights shined read the whole way through showing that Team Fire had an advantage in max for the duration of this room. Their formations here were also better than Water’s and would have been hard to surpass for speed. Team Fire storm into the lead.

Room 4: Plaza A fairly uneventful room from both teams. Team Water had more variety in their tactics, being the only ones to bomb in the room. On the basis of formations of similar quality, Team Water steal this room for a tasty finale.

Room 5: Gold Mine Despite a slow start from both teams, Team Fire layed out a powerful diagonal line which Team Water failed to block and had their tactics cut in half for a majority of the room. Fire’s speed and quality was high too, and because of this they steal this tight Branch Battle.

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