How To: Stamps(Insanity)

Hey guys,

If you have ever gotten bored on CPR or even done something and randomly seen “stamp collected” with a logo of something on the top-right of your screen, well then you have found a STAMP!

With a few pictures we “borrowed” from the CPR Wiki, we shall explain to you what these stamps are and how to get the hardest ones

Stamps are CP’s way of giving out achievements there are ALOT of achievements to earn and since we can’t go through each and every one of them, we shall just explain a few!
Feast your eyes on the Stamp Book. this is where the stamps you collect go to!
Stamps come in different shapes and colours, but we won’t focus on the shapes. There are 5 different colours of stamps. They are

Easy stamps bases

Easy Difficulty Stamps

Medium stamps bases

Medium Difficulty Stamps

Hard stamps bases

Hard Difficulty Stamps

Extreme stamps bases

Extreme Difficulty Stamps


Insanity Difficulty Stamps

Since the Hard, Medium and Easy stamps are not that hard to obtain, we don’t need to go over it. We also won’t be going through the Extreme stamps as they are easy to figure out and there are so many we would never reach an end to this post!

Insanity Difficulty Stamps

The First category of stamps we are viewing is the Games Category!
There are 226 stamps that exist in the games section out of which only 3 are at INSANITY
Game stamps are the hexagonal stamps in your stamp book in case you were wondering!

Pure Ice! stamp

Pure Ice! Stamp

The Pure Ice! Stamp’s Caption tells you that you must “Get an A on Extreme Difficulty

It can be acquired in the Dance Contest in the Dance/Nightclub

You must play a track on expert difficulty and get an A to win this Stamp

Rare Mullet Stamp

Rare Mullet Stamp

The Rare Mullet Stamp’s Caption tells you that you must “Catch the Rare Mullet
It can be acquired in the Ice Fishing Game in the Ski Lodge
You must play on the classic game mode to get this stamp.
BUT, this fish only comes once in 100 games(i.e. it has a 1% chance of appearing)

Unbeatable Stamp

The Unbeatable Stamp’s Caption tells you that you must “Earn 25,000 points in hardcore mode
It can be acquired in the Cart Surfer Game in the Mine
You must earn 25,000 points in hardcore mode to obtain this stamp.

Well, it seems like that’s all the insanity stamps! If you would like to see us teach you how to get the Extreme stamps, let us know down below!! Thanks for reading, Waddle On and Unleash the Power of Helping!!

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  1. What Cart 25K Stamps?

    • There is only one cart you can use. the best way to get those points is to do lots of tricks!

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