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Zipline, Fly’s Igloo ~ Hey helpers! Welcome back to the HF Beacon! Let me start off by apologizing for my hiatus. Due to personal stuff and school, I’ve been busy, I’ve been busy. Today, I’m bringing you a special Christmas Themed story! I hope you enjoy this edition of The HF Beacon. To read more, simply hit continue reading, and read on!

Random Facts:

Fly has a book of useless facts. Too many, too random.

  • Elvis Presley, aka the “King of Rock” only won 3 Grammys
  • In 2006, a Coca-Cola employee offered to sell Coca-Cola secrets to Pepsi. Pepsi responded by telling this to Coca-Cola
  • In Germany, Poland, and Ukraine, finding a spider or its web on a Christmas tree is a sign of good luck (thanks Mr Legsy!)
  • Otters hold each other’s hands while sleeping, so they don’t float away during the night
  • Christmas Day is the least popular day in the year for couples to break up
  • The only letter that’s not included in an abbreviation on the periodic table is J
  • Facebook created two AI chatbots to talk to each other, but they were shut down when they started talking in a new language they created for themselves
  • The famous Christmas tune “Jingle Bells” was originally written for Thanksgiving, not Christmas
  • A single strand of Spaghetti is called a “Spaghetto”


“A Helper Holiday:”

“HEY THERE’S FROSTING IN MY EYE!” Lottie yelled as she was decorating a cookie. “Blame Ayan! He’s the one throwing around frosting.” Swagger said, annoyed. “Here babe, let me handle that,” Ayan said softly to Lottie. “Ew stop trying to flirt with me, it’s so gross,” Lottie responded. Everyone in room laughed as Ayan faked a pout and rolled his eyes. I thought I saw a flash of light come in from the window, but I shrugged it off as my mind playing tricks on me. “Hey guys, if you participated in the Secret Santa, come over to the other room and let’s open up the gifts!” Barnito yelled. A large group of people walked into the room where all do the gifts were piled up. “Oh no, now we have people intruding the movie.” Christene groaned. Albert laughed and said “I hope we get a laugh out of these gifts, it would be weird if any of us did something normal.” Faz laughed and said “Of course not, normal isn’t our thing.” “Can I go first?” I asked. I picked up a small box and handed it to Tistle. “Fly, this better be a good gift…” I just smiled as he opened the bag and took out a small bottle labeled “Blue Juice.” Tistle and I burst out laughing. “Well moving on, I guess it’s my turn to give a gift!” Tistle said. He handed a small package to Juanita. She opened it and found a spelling and grammar book inside. The whole room erupted into laughter but Juanita just looked annoyed. While some people were still busy laughing, I looked out the window and I could swear I saw something moving around in the bushes outside. She put the book in the side and picked up her gift. “I hate you all. Now, I have a gift for Kendall.” Juanita carried a large box over to Kendall and put it down in front of her, smiling. Kendall opened it to find a pillow pet. “I thought it would be perfect considering you’re always sleepy!” Juanita exclaimed. “You should’ve gotten that for Kava,” Amy said, causing the group to laugh some more. I stared out the window, and almost got up to look at what was going on in the bushes. “Fly, you okay?” Amy asked. “Yeah, I thought I just saw something move outside.” I replied. “Oh don’t worry about it, probably just a squirrel,” Swagger said. “Moving on, it’s Kendall’s turn to give someone their gift!” Barnito said. Kendall handed Diego a package. Inside, there was a DVD box set of every “Go Diego, Go!” season. “I’m speechless,” Diego said, amused. Knowing my turn wouldn’t come very soon, I walked into the kitchen to grab a cookie while Diego handed Spotty a set of assorted hot chocolate flavors. “How am I the only one with a somewhat normal secret Santa gift?!” Spotty exclaimed in the background. I bumped into Moon in the doorway. She stopped me and said “Look up.” I looked up and replied, “Mistletoe. Oh no.” She laughed and said “I mean, might as well.” Moon leaned in, but I said “Wait, stop.” She paused as I felt a light flash again. “Pretend like I’m stalling the kiss. Trust me.” I whispered to her. “Hey guys! Listen up! I yelled, not moving. Some people go out the front and go around the house to the right, and some people go out of the house and around to the left. Just trust me, go now!” People rushed out the door and I quickly turned and grabbed Moon’s hand. I ran out of the back door and stopped the person standing outside. I was face to face with some dude that looked just like Lamilton from The Boondocks. (Ngl, lamest character in that show.) “What do you think you’re doing?” I asked him, ripping the camera out of his hands. “Nothing you need to worry about, loser.” He pulled back the camera and started running to the right, blocked by a large crowd. He then turned and ran to the left, bumping into another crowd of people. He stopped, realizing he was cornered. “Is that the one and only, not epic, Epic?” Ayan asked, walking through the crowd, “the almighty “Epic101”, turned into a stalker.” Ayan pulled the camera out of his hands and threw it to the ground, stepping on it. “Dude, you have got to stop being so obsessed with us,” Spotty said, pulling out of the crowd. “Yeah man, it’s getting pretty old and no one likes it.” Shad replied. “I… I’m just jealous, alright? I can’t believe I’m admitting it. You guys have some amazing family here and I’m just sitting at home on my throne all lonely, with no Christmas gifts, mistletoe, or anything. I hate that you guys can still be a family and have so much spirit despite leaving my CPPS. It’s not fair.” We all just laughed at him. “Just go. Please stop obsessing over us and let us have our fun.” Spotty said. He walked away in shame and we all went back inside. “Well guys, I think this calls for some cookies!” Amy exclaimed. “Don’t you mean Brookies?” Moon asked. “YES! ALWAYS BROOKIES!” The crowd laughed. I snickered along with a few others as we saw Spotty and Shad inch out of the group and end up together under the mistletoe. As more people noticed, they laughed as well. “Well everyone, I have an announcement,” Rooboo said loudly, getting everyone’s attention. “I love you all, and I wish you a Merry Christmas! I could never ask for a better family.” We all smiled and hugged one another. Overall, it was a pretty Merry Christmas.

Riddle of The Week:

Welcome back to Riddle of The Week! Unfortunately due to the cpps switch and length of time between my posts, I won’t be listing those who solved the previous riddle. (Just saying though, Spotty “solved” it with google’s help 👀) If you solve the new one listed, please DM me on discord! (flypin1#0999)

The only way the man could have escaped was saying “You will hang me” or “You will not shoot me.” Either statement is neither a lie nor a truth.

The new riddle is:

What question can someone ask all day long, always get completely different answers, and have all the answers be correct?

That’s all for this edition of HF Beacon! Till next time. ~Fly


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