Hello Helpers! Today, we logged on CPAB, BATTLEGROUND – STADIUM for [AUSIA] HELP FORCE PRIDE PARADE. This event was led by 6 people, crazy right? Wondering who they were? ITS THE GENERAL TAKEOVER I SAY! Huge thanks to Shadow, Ender, Pingu, Dhanush, Chicken and Evan for leading today’s lovely event! Thanks to Traffy and Ender for VC leading and of course, thanks to the helpers for attending! We did some amazing tactics and showed our love to the LGBT+ community, and we had some interesting additions today, IceQueen became a VC battle leader joining Sammit, well deserved! Those who attended get the Pride Parade ’24 medal, tasty as JO would say.

MAX: 25


Max Picture:

Keep unleashing the power of helping!

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