Jomany Rises

After the closure of the old Minecraft server, the Joman Empire has risen to power. The Joman Empire has established numerous colonies, paving the way to a truly great empire.

The Joman Empire has made a tremendous start to the opening of the new Minecraft server. Unlike other nations who only claim free land, the Joman Empire has managed to claim some of the more scarce lands. One of these is the hub of the world, where players can choose what to play.

When new players join the world, they will be greeted by the Joman Empire. When players come back to the hub to play Skywars, they will be greeted by the Joman Empire. When Neo perm abuses and flies around the hub, he will be greeted by the Joman Empire. The Joman Empire will be the first thing anyone sees when they join the world. This accomplishment clearly shows the success of the Joman Empire.

Another piece of glorious gracious land acquired by Jomany is a delicious colony in the end.

This colony is right next to a colony belonging to Neotopia, who have been unable to form a nation in this new server. While the Joman Empire managed to create a nation very quickly, Neotopia failed to do so for several days. This shows the clear superiority of the Joman Empire, who have quickly grown to be the largest nation (not counting perm abusing Wiggly and his Valhalla).

Unrelated to the greatness of the Joman Empire, Choco has really started off on the wrong track in this new world. He has already died more times than he had in the last world and this one hasn’t even been up for a week.

Can we all take a second to laugh at his skill issue. On another note, if you are a woman, please do not laugh at Choco. Instead, you should dm him. His dms are always open. Btw Jomany is the greatest no-take-backs.


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