Skillz Issue

Skill issues are prevalent within our army. Choco has a skill issue when it comes to getting women. Maya has a skill issue when it comes to not looking sus. The only thing worse than a skill issue is a Skillz issue.

A Skillz issue is a unique type of skill issue. It is unique in that it only applies to Skillz. The biggest part of Skillz’s Skillz issue is him typing some rather sus things. Sus things that are so gruesome, so horrible, so violent that I am going to show you them.


Skillz admitted to cheating on his wife, Val. How bad of a cheater do you have to be to publicly admit to cheating on someone? To make matters worse, why cheat with Choco? Is Choco really that desperate for a partner? Nah mate, something else is going on. It is clear that Skillz has an underlying secret that he does not want to be revealed. Too bad for him that his Skillz issue will allow us to find out what he is hiding.

Now we see it. Skillz’s Skillz issue is not about being bad at cheating, but rather about feet. This explains why he would be attracted to Choco since Choco loves feet.

This is a scary revelation. Skillz’s Skillz issue is his weakness to feet. This is far far worse than regular skill issues. This is why it’s known as a Skillz issue.


From this day on, we shall wear shoes on our uniform. It is the only way we can help poor Skillz overcome his Skillz issue. I know that I am asking a lot, but it must be done. We cannot let Skillz keep his Skillz issue. Just like we can’t let Choco keep his skill issue. Remember, his dms are open so please dm him. He is accepting anyone now.


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