How We Will Win Legends Cup

Our glorious, gracious motherland has been thriving recently, ever since we won AUSIA Arena. We have created quite the force and it’s now time to demonstrate our power once more. To win Legends Cup, we must harness this power and use it to destroy the Rebel penguins and their crumbling federation. Here is how we will win.

Superior Numbers

The motherland calls. We must gather every single penguin available to our battle against RPF. Our superior numbers will drown out RPF, creating a wave of penguins to cover their awful formation. Our tactics will block out the sun, although we wouldn’t want that to happen since the judges wouldn’t be able to see our victory. Currently, we have two times more reactions for the battle than RPF. If we can bring every single troop we can, we can definitely win.

Greatest Formations

Just like we practised in our clown event, we will wow the judges with our unique formations. These formations are not just unique, they are the greatest (Elp please don’t break my kneecaps). It will be really easy to obliterate RPF’s crumbling formation, but we need to go above and beyond. We must show the judges the most unique, never seen formations.

I personally recommend this formation.

It certainly won’t let the judges down.

Those rebels will be far too distracted by our dazzling formations that they will forget to send tactics. Jk, they forget to send tactics anyway. Our formations will just make them more distracted than usual, allowing us to claim victory.

Just Being Better

We will beat RPF by simply being better than them. Our troops are amazing, after all, they have the great influence of Elp. Just being better is how we beat WV, ACP, NC, and POM in AUSIA Arena. All we have to do is do what we did in that tournament. We must remember to send tactics and not just say “activities”. We must remember to get into formation and not just stand wherever we like. We must emote the rebels to death, using our extreme precision to avoid saying “hello” when pressing EH. If we can do even these basic things, we are already miles ahead of RPF’s nonexistent troops. Just remember, we have the lice on our side, they do not.

This is how we’ll win Legends Cup. Make sure to attend!


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