5 Ways To Obtain Smuggled Food

We’ve all had that day where we desperately needed food but there was just none around. After Snowy returned to HF’s leadership, there has been mass famine spreading throughout our glorious motherland. The only way for the poor helpers to get food is to smuggle it in. Here are 5 ways to obtain smuggled food.

Tip 1 – Other Armies

Other armies are a good way to get food into the motherland. These visitors, while stinky, have a large variety of foods waiting for you to eat in their homeland. Visitors are experienced in breaking the law. They can smuggle food into the motherland easily without any problems, which is why our visitor policy is so strict. If we were to stop executing the visitors, they would just take over the motherland, bringing their “clovers” and “snowflakes” into our peaceful lands. The cunningness of visitors is just what you need to smuggle in food, especially since visitors come from armies with an abundance of food.


Tip 2 – Snowy and Maya handouts

Snowy and Maya are well-known for giving out cookies on a whim. They give out cookies to everyone for basically any reason they can think of. This has caused serious inflation problems for the cookie market. Now, where do Maya and Snowy get these cookies from? They certainly aren’t grown here. They must get these cookies from smuggling. That’s right, Maya and Snowy and cookie smugglers. They smuggle in cookies to our glorious motherland and hand them out to random people. This means that all you have to do to get some cookies smuggled in is to ask Snowy or Maya to do so.


Tip 3 – Raccoon Business

Alex, HF’s favourite raccoon, is one of the best food smugglers to have ever existed. Although retired, Alex is still very skilled at smuggling food, however, Alex will not offer his services for free. Alex requires something in return. After all, food smuggling is a risky business. In order to obtain some smuggled food, Alex requires blood. By blood, he means grape juice. Not many people know this about Alex, but he has a grape juice addiction. Just trust me. After all, if you read it online it must be true. Obtaining grape juice is super simple. At the border checkpoint into the motherland, only common food items are confiscated such as cookies, chocolate, and coconuts. Unusual food items like grape juice have not been banned, so you can smuggle those in to do business with Alex. Alex will then give you your much-needed smuggled goods.


Tip 4 – Smuggle In Unusual Food

Like I said in tip 3, unusual food have not been banned yet, so it is easy to smuggle them in. While these unusual foods won’t be as good as the good stuff, they can still be quite tasty. Foods such as lettuce sandwiches, Oreos without the cream, and ice cubes are very tasty and will be a somewhat satisfactory substitute for regular food. Although this option does not produce the tastiest results, it is a super easy way to smuggle in food.


Tip 5 -Bribery

Bribery is an easy way to get what you want. The soldiers guarding the border are just as hungry as you. If you want to smuggle food in, you simply need to give them a cut. These starving guards won’t say a thing as long as you keep them fed. The guards will even accept Ayan hats and sapphires as bribes, so make sure to bring them along as well. If you want to smuggle in legitimate food by yourself, this would be one of the best ways to do so.

Now go out and use these tips to smuggle as much food as you want. Just don’t tell Elp.



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