End of the Year Awards 2021 – RESULTS

ZIPLINE, Nelly’s Broccoli Garden — Howdy Helpers! It’s been more than a week since we brought to you the categories and the nominees for the End of the Year Awards 2021. After a few exciting days of tallying the votes, I’m finally here to show you the results!

Best Commander

1.A Vedant 

1.B Nell 

2. Ayan

(Close — Snowy, Elp, Wynn)

Distinguished High Command


2. Mayathefirst

3. Scorpion Demon

(Close — Joe, Ru, Snowflake, Desireus)

Virtuous Staff Members 

1. Mandal


3. Plotter

(Close — Vixx, Pheonix, Swager)

Topmost Showdown

1. HF vs. Ice Warriors (Legends Cup XI Semifinals)

2.A HF vs Ice Warriors (March Madness Semifinals)

2.B HF vs. Silver Empire (Invasion of Sled)

(Close — HF vs. RPF (LCXI), HF vs. SE (Op. Retribution), HF vs. SE (OP. Phoenix))

Design Prodigy 

1. Beasto

2. Sharky

3.A Scorpion Demon  

3.B Zamb

(Close — Vedant, Wynn)

Most Creative Blogger

1. Scorpion Demon

2. Snowy

3.A PinguMaliz

3.B Jayden

(Close — Dhanush)

Supreme Helper

1. NervousZippo

2. Walver

3. ILikeChimkin (Ally)

(Close — Runa, EarthlyGodly, Ivelkov, Dhanush, Sopphie)

Most successful Help Force addition

1. Bot Pavle

2. HF Sapphire System

3. Junior Staff Ranks

(Close — Blitz Recruiting)

Dynamic Blitzers

1. Wynn

2. Scorpion Demon

3. Walver

(Close — Ayan, Sam Chilles, NervousZippo)

Diehard Dynasty Members

1. NeoBlaze

2. Janez

3. Lisa

(Close — Swager, Ao)

Most Comical Trends

1. Overtime ?? Day

2. RPS Demotions

3. “I have fucking boobs” Takeover

(Close — Nap Segments, yoyomepenguin Takeover, Burn Takeover)

Greatest VC Leaders

1. Nell

2. Vedant

3. Snowflake

(Close — Wynn, Snowy, AbsoluteTrash123)

Most Mischievous Duo

1. Snowy & Mayathefirst

2. Ayan & Elp

3. NervousZippo & Mantiuxx

(Close — Xtra & Mayathefirst, Desireus & Archana, Plotter & Alex, Desireus & Yoda)


And that’s the way the cookie crumbles! Congratulations to all the winners of this year’s end awards. All nominees have had an amazing influence on our community in this past year. Be proud of yourselves and your achievements! To more victories, friendships and humour!

A huge thank you to everyone who helped with this year’s awards organisation. Thank you, Ayan, Elp, Staff and Junior Staff members!

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