CP Knowledge: Card-Jistu Water

Welcome to another post of the series CP Knowledge. This is a series where I will talk about every single minigame on Club Penguin, continuing today with Card-Jitsu Water. The posts include how you play the game, its history, stamps, trivia, and a personal review of the game! Hope you enjoy it!


Card-Jitsu Water is one of the three spin-offs of the original Card-Jitsu. It is accessible through the Water Dojo and is playable by 2-4 penguins. The penguins move on a 7×7 stone tile grid, located on a river that’s flowing into a waterfall. Around every seven seconds, the last row will fall down the waterfall and a new one will be generated. Towards the beginning of the river, there is a gong. The goal of the game is to race against the waterfall and hit the gong before the other penguins. 

   All stone tiles have a fire, water, or snow obstacle varying in size –  small, medium, or large. Randomly selected cards of different elements and values scroll from left to right on the bottom of the screen. To move to a new stone tile, you have to clear out the obstacle that’s occupying the tile. Clear it by selecting a card that defeats that element – fire beats snow, snow beats water, water beats fire. You can move in any direction, but only one tile at a time. 

   The cards’ value varies between 2 – 12. Using more powerful cards will take care of the obstacle in one blow, while weaker cards might take several cards. This also depends on the size of the obstacle. If you use a card of the same element as the obstacle, it’ll grow bigger. This can be used to sabotage your opponents’ paths. 

   The first penguin to hit the gong is declared the winner. But if all except one fall of, the penguin that’s left will automatically win. The closer the other penguins are before the gong was hit, determine their placement. If two penguins are at the same distance from the gong, the one more to the left will receive a higher placement. 


Just like in Card-Jitsu Fire, you get progress points to earn your suit, instead of coins. Progress is obtained by winning or losing matches, with winning obviously being the better alternative. Progress points are not granted for quitting matches. The first thing you’ll earn are the Wave Sandals. After some more time, you’ll get the Waterfall Coat. Then the Torrent Mask, and later on the Helmet of Oceans. After earning your suit you can play against Sensei. Win, and he’ll give you the Water Gem for your amulet, to signify that you have mastered Water.


If you’re wearing, or in some cases only owning, a certain item or walking a puffle, Sensei will make a comment when starting the game. All comments are given in the form of a haiku. If you meet the criteria for multiple messages, one will appear at random. The items/puffles and comments are the following (there are a lot of them):


Card-Jitsu Water was released ten days after The Great Storm of 2010. The news that the Club Penguin Team was working on Card-Jitsu Water got to the community in late October and early November. Gale-force winds started worrying the penguins on October 28 and continued throughout the Halloween Party. Rain began to pour down on November 11, just like Gary the Gadget Guy had predicted. The rain brought an end to the strong winds and eventually the storm. The Great Storm ended on November 14, meaning the game got released on November 24. After The Great Storm, Sensei organised the Water Scavenger Hunt, just like he did for Card-Jitsu Fire the year before. It started on November 16 and ended with Card-Jitsu Water being launched. 

   It was first only available to members, but during the Card-Jitsu Party 2011, non-members could also try the game for a limited time. When Card-Jitsu Snow started getting teased, on May 9, 2013, both Card-Jitsu Fire- and Water became playable by everyone. 


For Card-Jitsu Water, there are only eight stamps – two for each difficulty. 


  • The Great Storm of 2010 was the third Great Storm to take place, but it lasted much longer.
  • Unlike other storms, The Great Storm of 2010 did not involve lightning strikes.
  • During The Great Storm of 2010, the Club Penguin Island saw rain for the first time. 
  • The Club Penguin Team made a real-life board game to test the game’s concept. 
  • If you try to throw a snowball in the Water Dojo, you will instead throw a water balloon. 
  • Originally, the Water Dojo swayed from side to side due to it being held up by chains. This was removed in 2011. 
  • A sketch for the Water Dojo showed plants, fountains and even hot springs. According to the card’s description, these were removed to make the Dojo look more intimidating, to reflect the challenge of Card-Jitsu Water. 


For some reason, I didn’t play this game a whole lot. It has also never been available on Club Penguin Rewritten which means I haven’t played it since sometime in 2017. Now that’s quite some time ago. I don’t even think I have any memories of it. I know that I earned the full suit, but that’s just about it. However, it’s a nice game that involves strategy and thinking, which according to me lay the foundation for a good game. Another important factor is of course if the game’s fun or not. Everyone has different preferences on this, but I think there’s always something special about competing against others. It adds an extra spice to the game, trying to be better than someone else. I’d rate this game an 8.5/10. 

Did I miss anything? What do you think of Card-Jitsu Water? Comment below!

That’s it for me today, hope you enjoyed the post! See ya next time!

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