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Welcome Back lovely people! It’s the return of Patrons of Patreon coming at you with an exclusive interview with AbsoluteTrash123, better known as Osama, Trash or Oldie. Osama here is a Help Force General and also one of our generous Phoenix donators! Without further ado let’s get into the interview shall we?

Maisie: Hi hi Osama thanks so much for doing this interview! How are you doing today?

Osama: Ello Maisie! It’s an honor! I’m doing great (I think), how bout yourself!?

Maisie: I’m good thank you, for those readers who may not know you, would you like to introduce yourself?

Osama: I’m optimistic that everyone knows me by now :eyes: but for those who haven’t had the pleasure, I go by a few names, Trash, Absolute, Osama, and most recently Oldie :haha:

Maisie: Of course let us not forget about oldie. :haha: When and how did you join Osama?

Osama: I believe I joined late March 2021 for bout a week, and left, and subsequently joined by the end of April and have been here ever since. As to how I joined, it’s quite hilarious actually, to me at least, I was invited by Volcano sayin that it was a CPR server, and me being oblivious that CP still existed as well having a CPR certification, thought that they were teaching CPR on discord and was very intrigued to see how they were doing it. You can imagine my disappointment when I realized it stood for Club Penguin Rewritten and not the actual CPR :sadcat:

Maisie: Phaha that’s brilliant, what made you go from the intrigued soul wanting to see CPR being taught on discord to the Staff member and HF Patreon Donator?

Osama: I used to be a CP player for bout 3 years, and mind you, I’m talkin bout 12-13 years ago. So once I realized it was CPR I stayed for the nostalgia. As for becoming a Staff member, it was never the initial plan haha but I mean why not, was going to be a fun experience and it surely has been. As far as being a Donator is concerned, the real question is, Why not?

Maisie: Why not indeed :> What would you say your favourite parts of HF are And have you got any particular memories you would like to share?

Osama: My favorite parts of HF.. hmm.. that’s a tough one, but I’d say it’s the recent post-event vc’s that we have, apart from all the other familia vibe that gets passed around! Particular memories.. I mean I’m a nice guy but I don’t know why people think I bully/roast them :sip:

Maisie: Couldn’t be telling everyone to shut up could it? :sip: Is there anything you would like to see HF do in the future Osama?

Osama: Haha unfortunately I can’t, as for the future, I see it becoming a full fledged gaming community, expanding it’s ever growing tentacles into the abyss that is gaming.

Maisie: “It’s ever growing tentacles into the abyss that is gaming” I like the way you put that 🙂 so moving away from HF, what do you enjoy doing when you aren’t online?

Osama: Ooh where do I start.. I’m currently a professional pool player so I practice in my free time, do a lot of writing (poetry), got a book coming out next year, I do photography so I’m away on shoots sometimes, I would like to think of myself as a food connoisseur, I go around rating high-end restaurants haha.. And most importantly, I practice power-lifting and hope to participate in the nationals in Canada in 2023!

Maisie: Oh wow that’s insane how on earth do you find the time to do all of that?? In terms of food, what would be the best dish you have tasted?

Osama: Honestly I surprise myself sometimes with the time management, and as far as the best dish is concerned.. it’s a tough choice, I enjoy a lot of cuisines but I think I enjoy my own cooked food the most so I’ll keep it at that.

Maisie: Homecooked meals for the win! There is something so special about eating something you have made yourself, unless that person is me when I would probably end up poisoning myself :laughing: That’s also so cool about powerlifting and your book – you will have to keep us updated! What do you find, from your plethora of activities, is the most rewarding?

Osama: Home-cooked meals keep winning especially if you know how to cook:joy: I will definitely try to keep y’all updated! From my activities hmm let’s see, Pool gives me the most monetary value cause competitions, writing gives me the most mental stability, photography brings me joy cause I can capture moments from my perspective, and powerlifting cleanses my soul cause that’s where I let myself go, the heavy lifts, the shouting, the fulfillment of goals, just perfect!

Maisie: That’s fascinating, it’s amazing how different things can improve different people mental health. I’ve got two more questions before I let you go Osama. First of all, as you are a regular in VC, what song do you think everyone should hear?

Osama: The CoCoFruit Song without a doubt :rofl:

Maisie: Of course, you have to let people know that the coconut nut is not a nut :sip: And finally have you got anything you would like to tell the readers Osama?

Osama: Always remember that there is no such thing as impossible. I went from being an obese bullied kid who could barely strike a conversation because I was so socially awkward to doing all these things with the utmost confidence, some of which have never even been attempted in my family meaning I was the first to do them. All you have to do is believe in yourself, take a step in the right direction, doesn’t even have to be a leap, just a baby step would do, and you’ll see progress like never before! Always end any conversation with ‘I love you’ or any form of love cause you never know when is the last time you talk to someone, take it from me, speaking from experience. And last but not least, be kind to others, it doesn’t take a lot but it might be the reason you brighten someone’s day!

Maisie: Thank you so so much Osama I’ve really enjoyed this interview

Osama: It was a pleasure Maisie, the feeling is mutual.

And there we have it folks, another interview done with another of our lovely Patrons! See you all next time for a new interview with another of our extremely generous Patrons!


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